Summer is approaching and its hot humid weather is not the most enjoyable thing about it. Especially in places where the temperature climbs above 100 F you will need to keep your body hydrated with fluids and seasonal fruits with high water content. Also having an air conditioner to cool your room is a must for people who live in those hot places.

So If you need a new AC or you want to get rid of an old one that simply doesn’t do the job check our buying guides.

  • What to look for before buying?

There’s a lot more to air conditioners than differences in size, settings, appearance. The most important feature being the BTU (British Thermal Units) rate that ranges from 5000 to 24000. Therefore, we looked at dozens of experts and owners reviews of the most well-performed air conditioners then we gathered all the information you will need whether it’s room size, outlet type, energy efficiency, or the noise level.

  • Window Air Conditioners vs. Portable Air Conditioners

Your choice will depend on the size of the space you want to cool, where you want to put the unit, and also if you want this latter to be mobile so you can move if from your bedroom to your work area.

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