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Ceiling fans are inseparable from our daily life. We simply cannot go on without these appliances in our houses. Whether you are living in hot or cold environments, you need a ceiling fan for constant free flow of air; stuffy houses are uncomfortable and disgusting.

Most of ceiling fans do not support the cold days; when it is snowy, the last thing you need is cold air blowing your way. On the other hand, the hot summer days can only be subverted with cool air.

Harbor Breeze Merrimack is a universal equipment; whether you need warmth or cold, the ceiling fan adjusts to your liking. Harbor Breeze Merrimack fulfills all requirements of your home. With this in your home, you are clear of all doubts because of its enhanced features and specifications.


5 Weatherproof Blades

Five blades are not common with ceiling fans. The numbers of blades determine intensity of airflow in different circumstances.

All you need to do is adjust the rotation with help of a remote. Harbor Breeze Merrimack is powerful on basis of construction of the 5 blades. Whether it is a house or office the standard diameter and quality of blades enhance performance with regards to airflow.

The blades are not only effective and efficient but also beautiful in appearance; you can source for a suitable color that complements your home interior décor. The blades offer a Breeze and comfort you need in a home.

3 Speed

High airflow and efficiency is all that you need from a ceiling fan, Merrimack understands this and it does not disappoint with Harbor Breeze Merrimack. The ceiling fan can easily be switched between the three speed levels to suit your airflow needs. Unlike other ceiling fans, Harbor Breeze Merrimack is not limited to cool air during winter.

I know you are used to switching off your ceiling fan during winter because it increases cold in your house, purchase this ceiling fan and experience the magic. Make use of remote control settings, customize the blades, and customize the airflow to warm.

Reversible Ac Motor

Harbor Breeze Merrimack

5,188-CFM airflow is above average; no other ceiling fans of its class can match this level of airflow.

The reverse action, which can be initiated from any position in the room by help of a remote distinguishes this ceiling fan in the industry.

Changing the speed is not enough in customizing airflow, switching speed levels and altering airflow intensity is crucial in managing suitability of a fan’s functionality.

Incredible Design

You might want to consider this as home décor because of the exemplary features on each of its blade and structure properties. Harbor Breeze Merrimack simply makes your home beautiful. On the joining part of the five blades is a clear glass that illuminates light to your liking.

You can adjust the colors and intensity of the light; of course, you won’t need the light during the day. You are likely to opt for a black colored Harbor Breeze Merrimack because of the obvious reason, black is elegant. Actually, most people prefer to install Harbor Breeze appliance in their bedroom to get create a serene environment for rest.

Additional Features

Light Kit

The ceiling fan is integrated with several bulbs to illuminate your room. The light kit is optional; it does not go on when you switch on the fan, you have to manually trigger the light using a remote.

The light kit on Harbor Breeze Merrimack is covered by glass to magnify and beautify the illumination. Some Merrimack designs have an attractive coloring for cosmetic value; you can switch between the colors throughout the night and have fun.

Remote Access

Apart from tranquility and comfort that comes with Harbor Breeze, convenience is something to users. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to switch off a ceiling fan. If it gets hot in the afternoon while you are on the couch, you can easily switch on Harbor Breeze Merrimack with help of the remote.

Of course, it is limited with distance; you cannot switch h on a ceiling fan from another room. But why would you need to switch a ceiling fan in another room if you are not there?

Energy Certification

Harbor Breeze Merrimack

The company has received various awards on its limited use of energy in running the fan. In as much as the ceiling fan runs on high AC power and produces incomparable airflow intensity, it takes less energy while rotating.

Apart from energy star certification, the manufacturer has also received CSA certification and UL Safety Listing courtesy of Harbor Breeze Merrimack. Construction and design of the ceiling fan is according to international standards and user needs hence its popularity among ceiling fans.

The flexibility and convenience of installing and use of this ceiling fan is incredible. The weatherproof blades allow you to install outdoor, you are not restricted to your living room or bedroom. The fan can serve in backyard events, on your child’s birthday and any roasting events.

The five blades and 3 speed are guarantee of wide cover and high intensity airflow through an event. The beauty of all this is you don’t have to worry about energy consumption; there is no significant effect on your electricity bill.
You can get a free repair at any time; it is a lifetime warranty.

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