Best LED Ceiling FansCeiling Fans are not as dull as you might think. Some of them are designed to have multiple functions besides moving air. Modern Ceiling Fans come with integrated LED light fixtures well designed to blend with the interior décor.

LED ceiling fans are a perfect solution to all seasons because of their Eco-friendly and energy efficient design. They give you the luxury of enjoying a cool breeze inside your office or home, as they keep your surroundings lit.

Here are our top 5 LED ceiling fans:
· Harbor Breeze Mazon 00725
· Parrot Uncle Broxburne Modern F4601
· Hunter Fan Apex CC5C91C56 (Renewed)
· The Hunter CC5C94C76 (Renewed)
· Brightwatts ORB BPC

1. Harbor Breeze Mazon 00725

The 44-in Harbor Breeze Mazon fan combines modern style and performance in a compact package. The ceiling fan housing comes with an Oil-rubbed bronze finish. It also features three mink finish plywood blades of 16-degree blade pitch.
The Harbor Breeze Mazon ceiling fan has an integrated 18-watt LED module light kit with matte opal frosted glass shade. After assembly, the fan weighs 17.65 pounds and has a blade span of 44 inches. The measurement from the ceiling to the bottom of the light is approximately 13 inches.
The LED ceiling fan is powered by a 3-speed reversible AC motor. The motor is fitted with a manual reverse air flow switch that allows the user to change the fan’s blade direction setting seasonally. At High Speed, the fan requires 76 watts and 120 volts to produce an airflow capacity of 2845 CFM.
The fan light and speed can only be controlled by a standard switch and a handheld remote that comes with a two-screw wall mount holder. By just pressing and holding down the light button, the user can increase the brightness of the LED bulb.

· Dimmable light kit
· maintenance free
· quiet and efficient
· flush mountable
· ENERGY STAR Certified
· UL and ETL listed
· Easy to install
· Alexa compatible (with Bond)
· Sturdy and compact

· Non-replaceable bulbs
· not applicable for Angle Mount
· humming and “woosh” sound on high speeds
· cannot be used with a fan wall switch
User Critic
According to Harbor Breeze Mazon fan reviews, users have two problems with this LED ceiling fan. First, the maximum setting of the light fixture has a very faint glow. Second, they complained that it is hard to install this fan: A professional installer takes as low as 20 to 40 minutes, but someone with limited experience in ceiling fan installation it may take you at least 1 hour.
Final Verdict
The Mazon fan is perfect for use in a small room of up to 225 sq. Ft. It’s flush mounting capability makes it the right choice for rooms with low ceilings. Since it offers adequate lighting, you will find it suitable for bedroom application and as a compliment for indoor contemporary style décor and trends.

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2. Parrot Uncle Broxburne Modern F4601

Parrot uncle ceiling fans are known for beautiful ceiling fans with beautiful lights. The Fandelier features a modern crystal chandelier and available in chrome, multicolored, white, black or brown fixture finishing. This fan is designed to provide both lights and airflow for Indoor use only.
When assembled, the ceiling fan has a height, length, and width of 21 inches, 15 inches, and 22 inches respectively, and weighs 46.4 pounds. The LED ceiling fan comes with four retractable white transparent plastic blades. When turned ON, the blades extend to a traditional ceiling fan of 46 inches blade span. When the fan is turned OFF, the blades automatically retract, leaving only the chandelier visible.
The fan 3-speed AC fan requires an electrical power capacity of 32 watts and 110 volts. At high, medium and low speed the fan delivers an airflow capacity of is 240, 165 and 120 CFM respectively. The fan has an RPM range of between 122/Min and 226/Min.

The chandelier uses nine crystal-ball-shaped LED bulbs of 32 watts that produces cool bright white light with a temperature of 4000.00 Kelvin; The bulbs are replaceable but not dimmable. The ceiling fan and LED crystal chandelier can only be controlled using separate remote controls: one operates the three-speed fan while the other one controls the light brightness.
The Parrot Uncle Broxburne Modern F4601 includes 2 down-rods (4 and 10 inches) and instruction guides for assembly and installation. The fan is designed to offer sloped ceiling mounting of up to 15 degrees. The product is backed by an Eileen Grays LLC’s WORRY-FREE 1-year quality warranty and lifetime professional customer service.
 Pros  · Replaceable lights
· very beautiful and bright
· UL approved
· Easy to install
· Quiet in operation
· conversation starter
 Cons  · blades not reversible
· LED bulbs neither replaceable nor dimmable
· very heavy
User Critic
Judging from the Parrot uncle ceiling fan reviews, users believe that putting the unit together  Cons umes more time, especially assembling the LED lights and hanging the crystals. Therefore, you will require a professional installation, which comes at an extra cost. Another issue among the users is that the lights are very bright, and they are built right into the light fixture, which cannot be changed nor dimmed.
Final Verdict
The LED ceiling fan is safe for home or business use . It adds a dramatic effect in a master bedroom or dining area application.

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3. Hunter Fan Apex CC5C91C56 (Renewed)

The Hunter Apex ceiling fan offers contemporary and traditional standard styles. This is a renewed modern ceiling fan, which means it is a pre-owned and refurbished product. It is designed with a sleek stainless-steel mid-body layout complete with a Brushed Nickel (Silver) or Matte Silver (Gray) finish, which makes it fit seamlessly into any modern large room decor.

The coherent design also features five Light Grey Oak or Walnut composite blades. The LED ceiling Includes an integrated light kit with an impressive white cased frosted glass. The light fixture uses two 9W LED bulbs of 800 lumens warm white light and standard base. After assembly, the LED ceiling fan has a weight of 23 pounds and offers a blade span of 54 Inch.

The Hunter CC5C91C56 is powered by a powerful reversible motor that provides the necessary light and air movement needed in a room. The 3-speed fan is capable of change the direction of your fan from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter. The ceiling fan requires an electric capacity of 120 volts and delivers an air flow of 3476 CFM.
Hunter Fan Apex ceiling fan has a three-position mounting system that allows for standard, angled, or low ceiling mounting. The mounting allows the fan to hug the ceiling. The ceiling fan and light can be operated by a Handheld Remote Control. The distance from the Ceiling to the blade bottom and light bottom is 9.85″ and 14.63″ respectively.

This product is backed by a minimum 90-day supplier warranty on labor, a year warranty on parts and Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty.

 Pros  · Variable Speed
· blades can be reversed
· Easy to assemble and install
· quiet in operation
· clear instructions
· remote controlled
 Cons  · Refurbished product
· Light not dimmable.
· not Energy Star and damp-rated
User Critic
According to the Hunter Fan Apex CC5C91C56 reviews, users found that it is a little hard and complicated to install the fan. Another issue is that there is only one internal wire for power, so dual switch wiring is not allowed. Other discovered that there is a slight delay on the lights when the fan is turned on, and the top speed was a bit not to their expectation.
Final Verdict
The fan adds beauty to your study room, living room, dining room, family room, and bedroom. It is ideal for a 14 x 14 modern room. Since the ceiling fan model is not damp-rated, it is recommended for indoor use only.

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4. The Hunter CC5C94C76 (Renewed)

The Hunter CC5C94C76
The Hunter CC5C94C76 falls under the contemporary design of the Contempo II ceiling fan that rated for indoor use only. It has a Brushed Nickel housing finish and comes with five Burnt Walnut/Light Grey Oak blades of 13-degree blade pitch. It also includes an integrated light kit with a complimentary white glass case. After assembly, the fan has a weight of 29.6 pounds and offers a blade span of 54 Inches.
The LED ceiling fan uses two 9-watt LED bulbs (800 lumen 3000k hue equivalent to 60 watts warm white) of standard A19 base. The dimmable and long-lasting LED bulbs use low energy and offer bright light output to create the perfect ambiance.

The ceiling fan is powered by a triple speed WhisperWind motor. The motor requires an electric capacity of 120 volts to deliver ultra-powerful air movement. It has an airflow rating of 3354 CFM. The reverse switch, located inside the bulb dome, offers downdraft mode and updraft airflow reverse modes.

The LED ceiling fan is designed with an Installer’s Choice three-position mounting system that allows for standard, angled, or low ceiling mounting. It comes with a 2″ and 3″ downrods for standard mounting. It includes a handheld remote that separately controls the fan speed and the lights from anywhere in the room; the dimming feature can be accessed through the remote control. The fan can be installed to function with separate switches.

This is a renewed contemporary LED ceiling fan, which means it is a pre-owned and refurbished product. The product has been inspected and tested to work and look like new. This product is backed by a minimum 90-day supplier warranty in addition to Amazon’s standard return policy.
 Pros  · Variable Speed
· Dimmable bulbs
· whisper-quiet performance
· reversible blades
· easy to set-up and install
· clear and concise instructions
 Cons  · not rated for outdoor use
· Cannot be mounted flush with the ceiling.
· not compatible with Alexa
· Not Energy Star compliant
User Critic
Judging from the Hunter CC5C94C76 reviews, some users felt plastic or oil smell coming out of the fan after hours of running. This shows that you may need assistance from a profession installer or electrician at an extra cost.
Final Verdict
The LED ceiling fan is a perfect addition to large, contemporary space, and fits perfect with living room, dining room, and bedroom application.

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5. Brightwatts ORB BPC

The LED ceiling fan has a casual design for indoor use. The LED ceiling fan is of traditional style, and Oil Rubbed Bronze housing finish with Nutmeg or Espresso blades. It comes with five hand-painted compressed wood blades of 12° blade pitch. The fan offers a blade span of 52 inches. After assembly, the fan has a weight of 21.5 pounds.

It features an integrated LED light kit cased in an elegant frosted light shade. The White Glass Light Bowl is open at the top. The lighting module uses a 17-watt bulb of 1600 lumens and 3000K temperature rating. The fan can be hard-wired to an existing wall switch. The fan is designed with pull chains for speed and light control. It can also be controlled by a remote, which is sold separately.

The LED ceiling fan is powered by a 3-speed reversible motor that delivers ultra-powerful air movement. The fan is fitted with a reverse switch on switch cap. The Summer and Winter modes options allow for counterclockwise and clockwise fan rotations, respectively.

It requires an electricity capacity of 120 volts. At high speed and electricity  Cons umption of 58.8 watts (excludes lights), the LED fan offers an Airflow capacity of 5509 CFM with an efficiency of 94 CFM/Watt.

The LED ceiling fan is designed with an installer’s choice position mounting system for standard, angled or flush mounted. It comes with a 4 1/2-inch downrod for standard mounting and can be angle mounted up to 20 degrees. It also includes a 54-inch lead wire for long down rod applications up to 48 inches. On Flush mount, the height of the fan from the ceiling to the base of the light is 13 inches/19.94 inches.
 Pros  · Quiet in operation
· UL and Energy Star
· mountable on a sloped/angled/ vaulted ceiling.
· Great value for the money
 Cons  · remote sold separately
· indoor use only.
· LED lights not dimmable
User Critic
Judging from the Brightwatts ORB BPC reviews, users found that it was a bit hard to install due to vague instructions and missing steps. It can take you at least 1 hour and at most 4 hours to install this unit. Since there is a  Cons iderable amount of assembly involved, you might incur an extra cost with expert installation. Another problem they found was that you are required to choose either to use a wall switch or a remote, but one cannot use both.
Final Verdict
The LED ceiling fan can aid operation in winter to move warm air down from the ceiling. It is ideal for open porches, living room or great room and Recommended for large rooms up to 400 square feet.

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