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Apart from airflow intensity and reverse effects of a fan, design is of concern in the industry today. Ceiling fans have an impact on appearance of your living room; whether you like it or not, it will influence your interior décor. You have to consider such elements apart from functionality. Minka-Aire Light wave Ceiling Fan F844-DK is a combination of your multiple ceiling fan needs.

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Minka-Aire F844-DK offers you the flexibility and convenience you need with controlling airflow in your living room or bedroom. Most users prefer indoor use of Minka-Aire Light wave Ceiling Fan F844-DK because of its AC power and blade diameter.

The design and materials used in construction of the ceiling fan complement any house; just be sure to find a suitable color that corresponds to your walls and furniture.

Mounting a Minka-Aire F844-DK is not difficult; you can do it on your own except for manufacturer’s kindness and professionalism.

With Minka-Aire Light wave Ceiling Fan F844-DK, there is no worry about failed systems or short-circuits that affect its performance. It is installed with electric faults buffer that decrease any fears of a distressed ceiling fan. If you have installed a ceiling fan in your house before you know the hassle, involved keeping it in check to prevent damage is often costly and inconveniencing.

Minta-Aire Wave saves you the trouble of waking up in the middle of a night or moving to the wall to control speed or switch a ceiling fan on/off. The remote control has all functions you can ever think of, there is simply no reason for you to fetch controls on a wall unless you are near it.

The intense airflow makes it popular in the market; you can easily regulate the speeds by selecting a speed level on the remote control. Minka-Aire Light wave Ceiling Fan F844-DK is a non-reversing ceiling fan rotating in a clockwise direction.


3 Distressed Koa Blades

The blades are coated with koa hence its label as a koa ceiling fan. The coating on three blades helps in smooth and efficient rotation depending on set speed level. A koa ceiling fan is everything you would want when it comes to performance because of the blades coating.

The number of blades should not be anything of concern with regards to performance, AC power and the coating take care of its effectiveness in delivering required airflow thus suitability of Minka-Aire Light wave Ceiling Fan F844-DK. LED light Minka-Aire Light wave Ceiling Fan F844-DK has several 17 watts bulbs to enhance Minta-Aire Wave function with respect to airflow and design of your house.

The light kit is covered with glass to influence illumination as it rotates through the night; obviously, you won’t need to switch the bulbs on during the day.

The 17 watts LED bulbs are dimmable; this is something special with Minka-Aire Light wave Ceiling Fan F844-DK. You can control the intensity of light thus, influence environment and mood in your living room or bedroom with this ceiling fan.

Remote Controlremote

You can adjust speed levels at the comfort of your seat or bed. The remote control saves you from common negative experiences with distressed ceiling fan. Change the sped level and enjoy suitable airflow intensity without pausing your movie or interfering with your sleep because you have to walk to the wall.

Remote control increases your control flexibility; it is an option for the wall. When you are not near the wall, you don’t have to go there. This is awesome!

Powerful Motor

The distressed koa ceiling fan has a maximum airflow frequency of 5024 CFM. This is beyond normal rates for ceiling fans; it is powerful. The effect spreads over 100 square feet, which is enough in a home or office environment.

The furthest you can install this ceiling fan is on your veranda, although you might be underutilizing it considering it has powerful AC motor. It will disappoint in a living or bedroom; you might never set it to maximum speed level because its motor power.

To install the distressed koa ceiling fan, you need at least a 4.5-inch downrod to attach the fan on the ceiling. You can extend the downrod length to a maximum of 6-inches to avoid any accidents or limitations to the blades rotation. Also, you can opt to install it at an angle or standard position depending on your décor interests.


The manufacturer offers one year warranty where you will need a sales receipt for eligibility of free repair. Any defects as a result of misuse is your responsibility.

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