Vornado Silver Swan Vintage Oscillating Fan

The glazed aluminum on either sides of the blade distinguishes this fan from all others in the oscillating category. Vornado silver swan performance is exemplary.

The manufacture does not compromise on quality when it comes to designing and modeling vintage equipment. Unlike other manufacturers in the industry, Vornado surprises the market with different designs and new models when it’s least expected.

Not every equipment in this category by the company oscillates; you might want to find out more about this vintage oscillating fan. There is more to it than what meets the eye.


The silver and galvanized element on both sides makes it elegant. Whether you are looking for a fan to place in your office or living room, the image portrayed by this fan is exemplary.

It also comes in attractive colors; when it comes to electronics and home devices you don’t expect pink and yellow; while you can be creative and customize your appliances, manufacturers do not use these colors.

The dark color is considered classy and elegant. Actually, you might fail to recognize a Vornado silver swan at the corner of your friend’s living room. It doubles as a home décor.


Apart from the beauty of the device, it is effective in uniform airflow across the room. At the end of the day, what we all want in a fan is effectiveness. In as much as the design, structure, and price matter when making a buying decision, if it does not perform as we expect it is a waste of resources and time.

All the mentioned factors are only to attract you to a device where you check its performance level. If you need a fan to cover the whole room then this is your only option. The wide diameter blades ensure air moves in different directions, which is enhanced by the oscillations.

Whether you need it to run for two hours or overnight in your bedroom, it won’t disappoint. Vornado silver swan is consistent and reliable in moving air across a room.

Unlike other fans of its class, the performance level does not decrease with age. Irrespective of when you bought your Vornado silver swan and the frequency of use, the optimum performance is constant.


Vornado Silver2While we might choose a central point to position a fan, occasionally we need to change rooms hence the need to move a fan. Meeting rooms can change because of an emergency or it is simply evening and you need to go to bed.

Carrying Vornado silver swan is hassle-free in either of the situations. Your office might be the only comfortable room in the department hence the need to shift the fan when you are in long meetings with stakeholders.

This is when you will appreciate the portability element of this oscillating fan. It is light in weight, which makes it easier to physically transfer from one room to another. Actually, you don’t need an extra hand to make the transfer.

Besides, the small size of the fan allows you to easily transport it; it is not bulky. In fact, the oscillating fan can fit on the back seat with no worry of damage to the fan or your car fabric.


The length of the power cable is a hindering factor for many home devices. While it is important to be organized and keep electronics near a power source for easy power management and its associated risks, you should have the flexibility of designing your living room.

Vornado oscillating fan gives you the pleasure of selecting any corner in your bedroom or living room that you find it best with respect to internal décor. In the bedroom, you might want to move it closer to your bed or far away depending on your sleep preferences.

To some a fan interrupts their sleep while to some it should run the whole night because it sooths their sub-consciousness.


Vintage oscillating fan is classy but can be noisy. If the slightest movement in your bedroom interrupts your sleep, then you might not like this fan. It is loud.

Whether this is negative or positive is left for individual customers to decide. The sound from blade rotations and oscillations is not necessarily noise.

As mentioned, people have different concentration levels and preferences when it comes to defining a peaceful environment.

Studying for your kids might be fan with the consistent sound from this fan. You might want to compare the vintage model and the Vornado classic fan.

While you compare the functionalities, it is important to note it is the same model only that the manufacturer launched the vintage and classic fan on different days. It is only a marketing strategy.


No matter how much we describe the uniqueness and effectiveness of the oscillating fan, your buying decision is largely influenced by price. The manufacturer is aware of this fact hence the favorable price as compared to fans of the same caliber.

One considers the price expensive; however, the extra bucks are compensated in the unique features. Sometimes, it is not all about a low price but also the quality of the product. When comparing the price of the Vornado classic fan and vintage oscillating fan, the difference is negligible because of the launch dates. Click here to shop this fan on Amazon.



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