Vornado 293 Review

The fan seems a trifle while on the street is not 30 ° C in July. But hot terror increases the love for the fans to heaven because they really work. Today, there are a lot of various types of fans. However, if you want to buy a fan which will blow the air only for you, you should choose a floor fan, especially a Vornado 293.

Vornado 293

These are the basic features that you should pay attention to when choosing the fan. Let us analyze the commonly used heavy-duty fan Vornado 293.

It is a powerful machine which is able to maintain cool air in big spaces. Vornado 293 is this powerful and noiseless device, a perfect addition to gravitational ventilation in each room. Its quiet operation (25% quieter than competing devices) and reliability guarantee high comfort of use.

The fan is designed for indoor use, so it may be used in each apartment. This device can reduce the room temperature and make a pleasant air flow, creating favorable conditions to stay indoors.

Thanks to adjustment of the deviation, you will direct air flow where you need it. The product is most often used in the summer during heat waves – it is ideal to be used in all types of offices and restaurants where it will create a favorable atmosphere for implementation of the planned works.

Due to air circulation caused by the fan, room air is cooled much faster; it saves on energy costs and reduces the consumption of the fan. Used in the winter, it will also allow you to equalize the temperature throughout the room, making you feel the heat much faster than without the use of a ventilation fan.

Vornado 293 Review2

The floor fan Vornado 293 is an effective device for improving the indoor climate. It has high-quality equipment and a solid body structure that allows its use in various fields.

Outdoor fan Vornado 293 will be indispensable and will last for a long time. Its design is made in a modern style so it will fit any interior.

The unit needs to be installed, and mobility will give you convenience when you need to move the appliance from place to place.

If you need to increase the efficiency of air circulation or to eliminate unpleasant odors in the room, then the decision to purchase a Vornado 293 will be an ideal one. It also accompanies as the apparatus for dehumidifying, and air conditioning systems, removes smoke in case of fire, it can be used as equipment for cooling of engines in garages, and in the photographic Studio and on the stage of the theatre it will show the direction of air flow.

Main Advantages

  • Efficient operation at low operating costs;
  • The price is pretty affordable;
  • Low noise parameters;
  • Durable design, which is not afraid of damage;
  • Simple to operate and easy to move thanks to a convenient handle and wheels;
  • Creates powerful air flow;
  • Have the ability to control the flow of air;
  • There is a possibility to adjust the 3-speed fan.

Vornado 293 vs 660

Vornado-660-Whole-Room-Air-Circulator-Fan-ReviewVornado 293 Review

These two fans are almost similar, but there are some features that make each of the fan unique. On the one hand, the Vornado 293 fan is ideal for usage in the shop or big rooms.

On the other hand, the Vornado 660 is perfect for inside usage. Speaking about their similarities, one may admit that they are quite obvious. The circulators of both machines are equipped with Vortex Technology. This characteristic ensures perfect distribution of the air. Actually, this is one and the main similarity between the mentioned fans.

What about the differences, they are the following. Firstly, it is a base. Vornado 293 has a U-shaped metal coating, while Vornado 660 is made of plastic. Secondly, the speed settings are different.

The Vornado 293 a 3-speed fan when the Vornado 660 is a 4-speed fan. Additionally, the Vornado 293 has more weight than the Vornado 660. Thirdly, both fans have a difference in control motes.

The Vornado 293 has a dial to control a speed. The Vornado 660 has a push button for it. Taking into consideration the analyzed characteristics of both fans, you should understand that they are not similar at all.

The main difference is in the purpose of usage. If you need a fan for using in a shop, garage or other big spaces, you should choose the Vornado 293 fan. If you need a fan for inside using, you have to choose the Vornado 660.

While choosing the fan, you should pay attention also to the weight of the machine, the control motes, the level of noise, and the number of speed.

Additionally, you have to be aware in the safeness of the device. It does not matter where you are going to apply the device, it should be safe anyway.

That is why if you choose the Vornado 293 or Vornado 660 you will get a confortable air flow and a safety device as well. All the products produced by Vornado Company coincide with the high quality and safeness.

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