vornado 723

Vornado is a brand appliance, with over 70 years of tradition. The main business idea of the company is to supply customers with products of high quality with an interesting design at an affordable price.

The offer is addressed to those who when buying household appliances use common sense and don’t want to overpay, without reducing the level and characteristics of the product. Let us precisely look at the example of Vornado 723 fan.

Vornado 723

Vornado 723 is entirely made of chrome-plated steel, its whole appearance speaks of quality and reliability.

The three-step, manual, variable speed control metal fan, robust, curved leg-stand with non-slip inserts, not large dimensions, the angle of the fan of 120 degrees, does not give heat no chance to interfere with you to feel cool and good spirits. The Vornado 723 must be in the hot season, since it quickly cools the room to desired temperature.

The fan steadily stands on the floor, doesn’t slip and falls. Also it is convenient to transport to another location, holding a non-slip handle. It works with a power of 130 W, which is enough to not have to wait long for cooling. You can adjust the air flow and the range of rotation.

The case is designed of stainless steel, which does not accumulate on the surface of dust and dirt. The fan does not take up much space in the room and is quite compact.


The full-size whole room fan which provides optimum temperature and pleasant, a refreshing breeze, even in the case of extremely high temperatures. Through a three-stage adjustment of the intensity of the air flow, you can choose the optimum capacity of the fan corresponding to the combination of temperature and room size.

The angle of airflow is adjustable up to 210°, which ensures a free choice of the direction in which should be directed air, depending on your needs and preferences. Aesthetic design in a modern style fan will fit in any type of interior.

This model has a high quality design with reliable protection against breakages and damage, including protective bars for the blades, will last you quite a long time, well coping with the problems and never ceasing to delight you with its stable and trouble-free operation.

Main Features of Vornado 723

  • Power Supply: 230 V/50 Hz;
  • Power: 130 W;
  • Adjustment of air flow: 3 speed;
  • Adjustment angle: 210°;
  • Fan diameter: 50 cm;
  • Weight: approx. 5 kg;
  • Length. power cable: approx. 150 cm;
  • Execution: chrome steel;
  • Xia any type of interior.

Vornado 723 vs Vornado 723 dc

vornado 723 dcvornado 723

Apart from Vornado 723, there is another model which is called Vornado 723dc. It is an energy-efficient fan. It has the same speed number as the Vornado 723 – 3 speeds.

The signature vortex technology enables to provide the complete circulation of the air in the required space. Both the Vornado 723 and the Vornado 723dc are assembled in the USA. They both have a 10-year satisfaction guarantee.

The products are tested and certified as well. Additionally, they have a warranty for usage but only in the USA. In hot summer Vornado 723dc is a good solution, when the temperature rises beyond physical comfort, not everywhere and always it is possible to find a source of coolness.

Using floor table fan Vornado 723dc you will save cool in the first second, without even thinking about the exhausting feeling of discomfort.

Very strong air flow generated by the device, allows cooling the space in front of you at a distance up to 10 meters. Actually, these features also belong to the Vornado 723. That is to say that both fans manage to cool the air perfectly.

Vornado 723 vs Vornado 660

Vornado-660-Whole-Room-Air-Circulator-Fan-Reviewvornado 723

There are a lot of crucial differences between Vornado 723 and Vornado 660. One of them is the base. The Vornado 723 fan has a slim, steel base while the Vornado 660 has a base made of silicon. The second difference is the tilt of the airflow head. You can change the direction of air flow in both models.

The Vornado 723 has a nestable head, so you can adjust it to 180 degrees. The Vornado 660 has a chrome glide bar that helps to switch it to horizontal a vertical airflow. What about the weight, the Vornado 723 fan is bigger and heavier than the Vornado 660. Also, the Vornado 723 fan has 3 speeds while Vornado 660 has four speeds.

Speaking about control motes, they are also different. For adjusting the speed of the Vornado 723, you have to apply a control know. For adjusting the speed settings of the Vornado 660 you should use a push-button.

The analyzed fans are of high quality and provide an effective circulation of the air flow. You should take into consideration all the mentioned peculiarities to buy an efficient fan for your house.

Do not hesitate and choose the most suitable Vornado fan for you. The quality of the company is very high, so there is no need to worry about the device longevity. You will be satisfied with any type of fans produced by Vornado Company.