Today, hearing the word fan, most people imagine the round shape device with blades which drives air in the room and creates the effect of coolness. So, these devices are also fans. But in a larger sense, this word means much more. It is also all the mechanisms that are used in the system of local supply and exhaust ventilation for cooling elements of the device are air-conditioning, heating or cooling.  There are different types of fans. Some can be applied in small spaces while the other is used in large areas. The first ones are shop fans which we may use at home. The shop fans are not big enough and are used for cooling the air. The second type is more complicated and they are used in various industries.

Basically, all the industries are searching for high-quality industrial fans.

Industrial shop fans are mechanical devices designed to move significant volumes of air or other gases.

Most of the application areas are industrial buildings and ventilation in various industrial processes. Industrial fans can be used for cooling various kinds of machines and mechanisms.

Most industrial buildings are pretty noisy, so strict requirements regarding sound characteristics are put forward to fans. That is why manufacturers are focusing their attention on improving the reliability of the device and its capacity. They try to increase performance by changing the shape of the impeller blades or impeller of the fan, increasing their aerodynamic characteristics. Most industrial fans are made from high-quality sheet steel which is usually not found in ordinary floor fans.

There are various types of industrial fans:

  • industrial axial fans are most commonly used for wall mounting and can vent the air directly to the outside
  • the common industrial fans, industrial duct fans for round and rectangular ducts.

Characteristic Features of Industrial Fans

  • The work of industrial fan is to move large volumes of air, including considerable temperature.
  • To prevent overheating of the device, most industrial fans are equipped with thermal contacts.
  • For ease maintenance industrial fans, they must be equipped with special inspection cap.

Some industrial shop fans have a special reinforced design and can remove the explosive gases or work in an extreme environment, such as Salda VKS. For these units, it is necessary not only to increase the durability and reliability of the design but also to bear or to protect the junction box to connect the wire connection.

In order to buy a reliable fan, you have to find great shop fans. Today, shop fans located almost in every big city. You just need to go to the special shop fans and choose the most suitable fan for you. However, most people prefer to shop fans on the internet. The reason is quite obvious; there is a review of every single fan at the online shop, where you can easily compare various types of fans. Here is a review of five industrial fans.

Five Best Industrial Shop Fans Reviewed

1. Soler & Palau TD-100X In-line Exhaust Fan


The company Soler&Palau released TEB axial fans which are designed for exhaust air high temperature. The fan impeller is made of cast aluminum that maximizes model performance. They are fans with single-phase two-pole motors that is located on the outside of the case. The housing of an axial fan made of durable sheet steel with epoxy coating for corrosion protection. Soler& Palau TEB are designed for continuous operation in high temperature up to 150 °C.

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2. MaxxAir BF42BD High Velocity 2-Speed Belt Drive Drum Fan


This is the best choice for large industrial places, where there is a need for keeping the factory cool. Commonly, this fan is applied in the warehouses or large areas. It takes stale air from the barn. It has a versatile workhorse, so it proves the long service.

The constituent structure is quite complex since it is made of a2-speed motor and a rugged, 22-gauge steel housing. Additionally, it has a dual ball bearing drive as well as rust-resistant grilles.

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3. Lasko Stanley 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan, Yellow

 Q-Standard-30-Industrial-Direct-Drive-Drum-FanThis Lasko high velocity utility fan is a powerful machine with a rugged carry handle. It has a circuit breaker with reset button and involves two 120 volt outlets for various uses. The plug is quite safe which enables to predict any injuries. The average size is 12.2×9.62×12.275.

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4. Q Standard 30″ Industrial Direct Drive Drum Fan


This industrial fan is applied in large areas, namely warehouses or factories. The technical features are quite high. It has a direct drive fan motor. It means that it requires less maintenance and less power as well. It has a high-temperature resettable shutoff which allows working at high temperature. Additionally, a motor shield resists any dirt.

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5. Lakewood 36-Inch Industrial Grade Drum Fan

This is a large shop fan which gains customers’ attention. It perfect characteristics coincide with excellent quality. It has ½ horsepower, 120V motor with 3-speed settings. Additionally, the diameter of the blades is 36-inches. This machine is manufactured in the USA and exported to Europe.

After reading the review of 5 fans, you will be able to choose the one which will meet all your demands. The analyzed shop fans follow all the requirements for industrial uses. If you are searching for the best industrial fans, the above-mentioned ones are for you.

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Top Metal Fans

Buying a fan in the summer is a very important and rather troublesome business.  However, if you know which criteria are worth paying attention to, and which models are best left out, the choice will not take much time and will be justified.

Unlike air conditioners and split systems, the fan has an extremely simple and uncomplicated design.  The middle model of the beginning of the century consists of a body-concealing a gross electric motor, an adjustable leg and a metal crate with a three-bladed propeller enclosed inside.  Such a fan operated on the network and had several working powers the speed of rotation of the blades and nothing more.  Today, the range of such devices has significantly expanded, even though the market niche was repulsed by more efficient and modern air conditioning systems.  It is necessary to recognize that with its primary task to create air circulation fans cope more than well.  Moving air creates a feeling of freshness, cooling the blown surfaces.  It is quite easy to choose a technique of this kind since there are not so many important criteria for selecting the criteria.  In addition, the price of the fan even the most expensive and modern is much lower than the most primitive air conditioning system.

Let us discuss the best metal fans for you.

Metal Pedestal Fans

1. Lakewood LSF1610C-BM White Oscillating Stand Fan with X-Base, 16-Inch:


This is a budget pedestal fan. It is good for a summer house, a garden house and other premises of up to 20 m2.  This is an unassuming, but effective, 3-blade, 45-watt outdoor fan.  It is possible to adjust the height of the rack.  It operates at 3 speeds, head rotary (can be turned off), mechanical control, push-button.  Stand in the form of a cross. Warranty is a year.

Main advantages:

  • Telescopic stand;
  • There is the possibility of a stepwise increase in blowing power;
  • Easy assemble / disassemble, compact storage in winter;
  • Short and capacious instruction manual;
  • Adequate warranty period;
  • Low price.

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2. Lakewood LSF1610BR-BM 16inch Remote Control Stand Fan:


An elegant stable (5 kg) axial fan with a power of 45 W is made in a high-quality plastic housing on a metal telescopic leg.  The diameter of the blades is impressive – about 45 cm. The noise level at the maximum speed (three in total) is 40 dBs.  The control is mechanical, by pressing the buttons.  It is applicable in premises of different purposes with an area of ​​up to 25 m2 or for local blowing.  It has one year warranty.

Main advantages:

  • The fan is medium power with large blades.
  • Stable round stand.
  • The height of the rack is 130 cm.
  • Stepwise adjustment of the power of the wind flow.
  • Head rotation function (turns off).

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3. Lasko 3135 30 In. Oscillating Industrial Fan:


A modest 35-watt desktop fan is equipped with a push-button speed switch.  On the engine housing is a lock on / off the periodic rotation of the head of the device during operation. The warranty period is a year.

Main advantages:

· Low-cost model with three speeds for a written and dining table or coffee table.

· Sufficiently long service life, declared by the manufacturer – 5 years.

· Disassembled and stored in a small box.

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4. Hunter90438 16” RETRO Stand Fan with Brushed Nickel Finish:


Further in the ranking is a 55-watt Hunter floor fan with three high-speed blowing modes and a blades diameter of 40 cm. The control is mechanical, push-button.  On the control panel, there are LED-indicators of operating modes.  The off timer is set in the range 0.5 … 7.5 h with a discreteness of 0.5 h.  Warranty – year.

Main advantages:

· The fan for creating variable airflow, has the function of “sea breeze” (changing the flow rate from high to low every 3 seconds) and “sleep” (stepwise reduction of the blowing speed before shutting down);

·  Height adjustment;

·  Change the angle of the head;

· Work with a turn of 90 ° or in a fixed position;

·  Sleep timer;

·  Control from the console;

·  Low price of the remotely controlled model;

· Effective combination of black and white case.

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5. Stadler Form CHARLY Little Fan:


This is a solid fan, which is the product of fruitful cooperation between the team.  In the stylish exterior of the device, there is a certain similarity with the outlines of an airplane turbine.  And if the powerful airflow created by the three aluminum blades, this impression only strengthens, then quite comfortable noise background (up to 56 dB) with the buzz of the aircraft is not exactly associated.  The fan is designed for the maintenance of premises up to 50 m², the possibility of turning and tilting the case is realized.  Power consumption, depending on the selected mode – from 36 to 58 watts.  The device is completely made of metal (stainless steel, zinc, aluminum) and has a matte finish.  A decent weight – 9.4 kg – in combination with a massive round stand provides maximum stability.

Main advantages:

· 3 high-speed modes;

· Stylish and reliable metal design;

· Easy cleaning of the blades.

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Metal Floor Fans

1. Lasko 2264QM 20″ High Velocity Floor Fan:


This mental fan is required for the usage on the floor. It is convenient and effective. Ut has 3 speeds. Additionally, there is a comfortable carry handle. The fan is easy to take care off. You can use a wet cloth for cleaning it up. The control is mechanical.

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2. MaxxAir HVFF20UPS Multi Purpose High Velocity 3-Speed Floor Fan, 20-Inch:

MaxxAir HVFF20UPS Multi Purpose High Velocity 3-Speed Floor Fan, 20-Inch

This floor fan is extremely versatile. It is thermally protected and has 3 speeds. It has efficiency aluminum fan blades. What is more, the fan is equipped with 4 skid-resistant feet. The fan is powerful and can easily circulate the air in the room.

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3. Better Chef IM-709V Floor Fan: 


Among the advantages of the fan is its high velocity. Apart of using on the floor, it can also be used in the air. It circulates vents and dries the air. It has 9 inch diameter. The housing is made of metal and is oxidized. What is more, it has 3 speeds.

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4. Air King 9230 Industrial Grade High Velocity Pivoting FloorFan, 30-Inch:

Air King 9230 Industrial Grade High Velocity Pivoting Floor Fan, 30-Inch

The fan has 30-inch power coated blade and 3 speeds. The motor is totally enclosed. There are attached wheels for better transportation. The fan has a rear mounted rotary switch as well as 10-foot, 3-conductor power cord.

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5. Vornado VFAN Vintage Air Circulator Fan, Green:


This fan from the well known Vornado is made in a vintage style. It has a classic design. The higher volume of air is moved with the help of twin air cones and deep pitched propeller. The fan has 3 speeds with full action pivot head. It is quite safe and the design will suit to any interior.

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Small Metal Fans

1. Optimus F-6212 Oscillating Antique Table Fan, 12-Inch, Antique Silver:


This retro fan wills perfectly suit to the room of ancient times. It is an attractive look. Additionally, it had 3 speeds and 4 position rotary switches. What is more, it has a heavy duty metal blade. It can circulate the air since it has 90 degree oscillation.

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2. Hunter Fan Company 90400 Hunter 12” Retro Table Fan in Brushed Nickel:


The Hunter fan with mechanical control is made of stainless steel and has an adjustable angle.  The design of the device is in a retro style which will decorate the interior of your house or office.  Protection is finely meshed. Speed ​​regulator of a step type.  Case material: stainless steel.

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3. Vornado Silver Swan S Small Room Oscillating Fan, Brushed Nickel:


The table fan is small, but very effective. It is able to give the long-awaited coolness on hot days.  Working at a computer or simply resting will be much more pleasant and comfortable, the fan connects to a 220V socket, and the desktop fan rotates at an angle of 90 °, so that you can choose the most comfortable position of the fan.  Equipped with a double-sided protective grille, it works noiselessly!

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4. MaxxAir HVDF4UPS High Velocity 4″ Metal 5V Desk Fan with 4 Aluminum Blades:


This fan consists of 4 aluminum blades. It is made of steel and has a 3-foot power cord. There is a USB pug or regular outlet for connecting. It is quite small, but very effective. It can suit to any interior respectively.


· Fan powered by USB; just connect the fan to the USB port of your computer or laptop and it will cool you!

· USB fan on the stand in the form of a stable frame;

· Fan angle adjustable (up and down direction);

· High rotation speed;

·  Low noise level;

· Low power consumption;

·  Safety of use;

· The frame-stand has 3 rubber attachments to avoid slipping on the table.

After analyzing the information about how to buy a fan, you will know what fan to choose and for what purpose. There analyzed fans will perfectly suit to any interior. That is why you will not only get a cool air but also a nice part of the interior.

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What To Consider While Choosing The Fan

  • The size of the unit.  You can choose the technique for cooling the room, based on its area.  In addition, this is affected by the purpose of use: somewhere, one can put the fan on its fixed foot, without any damage to comfort, and somewhere it is more convenient to put it on a window sill or bedside table so that it does not take up unnecessary useful space.  There are combinable models with detachable legs. They are very convenient, even though their control buttons are placed under the electric motor itself.
  • A number of modes.  Simple fans have three modes of operation, namely slow, medium and fast.  In more complex versions, there may have significantly more speeds – up to seven.  The performance of such units is much higher, as is the service life: the fan, tuned to a large number of operating modes, is invariably stronger, although here everything depends on the quality of the assembly.
  • The area of ​​the blades.  The more the working area of ​​the fan blades is, the more energy is spent.  Such fans are suitable for cooling large rooms or them operating at a less speed and energy-intensive mode with the same efficiency as an assembly with a smaller blade area.
  • The performance (power) of the fan should be the main determining factor in its selection.  The larger the area of ​​the room, the higher, respectively, the power of the device.  However, this parameter requires special attention only when buying a floor or wall version, whereas, in a desktop fan, the size of the blades will be more determinant.
  • The noise level will affect the comfort level of the device, especially at night.  This parameter should not be above 40 dBs. It should be prescribed in the technical characteristics of the fan.  And for children’s or bedroom rooms it is desirable to prefer even 30 dBs.
  • The fan motor can be based on ball bearings or bushings; the first option is more productive and creates less noise.  Additional functions of the device, such as backlight, timer, display and even an ionizer, are of course not so necessary, but quite comfortable.  Naturally, the price will be an order of magnitude higher.
  • The material of which the fan is created. The stronger the material is the better quality it has.
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