Gone are the days of costly and bulky gas tank water heaters that gave people nightmares over the bills. Nowadays, the market is abuzz with affordable, high-efficiency, and eco-friendly tankless water heaters. They help you save some bucks at the end of the month with a constant supply of endless hot water. That’s precisely the reason why you may want to bet on EcoSmart Eco 11. It boasts a patented self-modulated design, a 99.8% energy efficiency and reduces your energy bills by 50 to 60 percent. This model’s flow rate of up to 2 gallons per minute is also decent for the price at which it’s available. Read on to know more about this heater in our EcoSmart Eco11 review:

EcoSmart Eco 11 Pros and Cons

The following are the good and the bad associated with the EcoSmart Eco 11 water heater. 


  • Easy to install, and it doesn’t require ventilation
  • Affordable
  • Energy-efficient to reduce the bills
  • Self-modulating technology 
  • Compact design
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not suitable for large spaces
  • Low heating capacity

EcoSmart Eco 11 Review – Features

Here is all that you can expect from the EcoSmart Eco 11.

– Easy installation

EcoSmart-11 It is much easier to set up the EcoSmart Eco 11 than most of the tankless water heaters. For this, all you need is a copper 6 wire and a 60-amp power supply. Although it is easy to install and a lot would prefer doing it all by themselves, it is recommended to hire a professional so that you don’t void the lifetime warranty.

– Compact Design

One of the features that make the installation easy is its compact design. This tankless water weighs only 6.5 pounds and uses minimal space, without compromising on the supply of heated water. Since the product dimensions are 3.75 x 8 x 11.5 inches, you can easily place it as a point of use water heating system.

– Durability

When it comes to tankless water heaters, the durability is a worrisome question. However, Ecosmart doesn’t want you to fret over it as it offers a lifetime warranty of the Eco 11 tankless water heater. The unit consists of a stainless-steel body and copper wires. So, there isn’t much to worry regarding the durability and working of the tankless water heater.

– Easy to use with the Digital Temperature Control

The EcoSmart Eco 11 comes with an automatic self-regulated thermostat, and thus, it sets the right temperature by itself. However, if you would rather have your preferred settings, then you can reset the thermostat with ease. You get a smart digital display control panel that allows you to set the right temperature of the tankless water heater with 1-degree Fahrenheit increments. You can set the temperatures ranging from 80 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  

– Self-modulating Technology   

Energy conservation is a major issue with water heating systems. An overworking heater can serve you with hefty bills. So, you would want the system to work only when required. To tackle the issue, EcoSmart Eco 11 comes with patented self-modulating technology.  The term “self-modulating” means that the water heater is smart enough to know when to turn itself on. The EcoSmart water heater kicks off at 0.25 GPM water flow in the beginning. The flow sensor regulates the amount of energy it spends, and then, the system turns itself off after it heats the water.  Thus, EcoSmart Eco 11 only heats the water that’s under usage and does not heat any stored amount, and you save hundreds of dollars in your electricity bills. 

– Instant supply of hot water

The EcoSmart Eco 11 provides endless on-demand hot water. It can heat up to 2 GPM. Although it may seem underwhelming when compared to the giants, it is well-suited for small to medium-sized homes and studio apartments.  Moreover, the device can instantly heat the water to 105 degrees. However, if the water temperature is below 67 degrees, then it might reduce the flow rate of hot water. In some cases, people found the heating to be unsatisfactory if the temperature was cold. 

– High energy efficiency

Thanks to the self-modulating technology, EcoSmart Eco 11 is surely a money-saver. It does not waste any energy in the standby mode, as it turns off when the water supply is cut. Consequently, the EcoSmart water heater sets out efficiency of 99.8 percent.  The manufacturer claims that you can save up to 60 percent on energy costs. Well, although it varies with the locality, you can be certain of saving between 50 to 60 percent on the electricity bills.  

– Lifetime Warranty

EcoSmart offers you peace of mind with a lifetime warranty. However, it is needless to say that it doesn’t cover the incidental damages. Moreover, you would have to hire a licensed professional to install the heater for the warranty to be valid. Otherwise, the warranty will not hold. 

 Final Verdict 

For its price, the EcoSmart Eco 11 is a high-performance tankless water heater, especially for small and medium spaces. However, you might want to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a central heating system for bigger homes and commercial usage. Nonetheless, in that case, you can use multiple Eco 11 heaters as “point of use” water heaters.  The Ecosmart Eco 11 offers a maximum hot water flow rate of 2 GPM. Although the number isn’t massive, the tankless water heater is well-qualified for studio apartments and small to medium homes. Moreover, it is uncomplicated to use with the digital control panel, and you can save hundreds of bucks with its self-modulating energy-saving system.  Now, if you put everything together, the Eco 11 is a high-performing and low-cost system that can give value for your money along with an instant and endless supply of hot water. Penny-pinchers are going to love this one! 

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