Check This Amazing Jumping Robot

This small four wheels robot is called Sand Flea. It weighs only 11-lb but as you’ve see have a very strong jumping leg. It has the ability to jump up to 32 feet (10 m) into the air and over obstacles. That makes it capable of jumping onto the house roofs, set of stairs, over most compound walls and other high obstacles.

This robot’s 4 wheels are gyroscopic which guarantees a smooth landing and also allows the operator to get a clear view from the on-board camera. This types of wheels also allows it to drive like an RC car on flat terrain. The number of times the Sand Flea robot is able to jump on one charge is approximately 25. This robot was developed by BostonDynamics a bunch of guys who started the project from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Ghost 1.0 Announced : The New Open Source Blogging Platform


A Bit of Ghost’s History

Ghost was first release by John O’Nolan, after some time on Kickstarter as a blogging platform prototype, in September 2013 under the name of Ghost 0.3. After 99 releases of this nicely designed blogging platform , it’s time for the 1.0 version to come out.

John O’Nolan’s idea of creating Ghost is to render the experience of blogging more enjoyable through a minimalist user interface that would make writing pleasurable and publishing simple. And I have to say that the aim is nicely achieved. In addition to its nicely design interface, what makes, and will certainly make, Ghost popular is that it’s open source. This gives it a great potential to flourish just like WordPress has had the opportunity to. What makes this 1.0 release greatly distinct from the previous ones is the amount of work accomplished is considerable.  With over 2,600 commits of improvements, the Ghost blogging platform can now start the versions count from 1 to hopefully continue for many years ahead just like other successful blogging platforms out there.

Summary of Ghost 1.0 New Features

  • A new editor
  • A refreshed UI
  • A new default theme design (Casper)
  • Night shift mode
  • Publication icons
  • A brand new importer which works a lot better than the old importer.
  • Google AMP is now optional rather than always-on.
  • Custom redirects can now be set via a config file.
  • Users can be suspended if required.
  • Collision detection, so if two people are editing a post at the same time they won’t override each other.That was, um. Not ideal.
  • A new tour feature for new Ghost users to find their way around.

You can try Ghost for free here and start enjoying the pleasure of writing and publishing your pieces of content for everyone in the world to see.