If you are experiencing problems with your ceiling fan, this article might be for you. We are going to list some of the common problems that occur with Hunter ceiling fans and how to fix them.

If your ceiling fan doesn’t want to start, then try following:

  • Inspect the tripped circuit breaker
  • Check the connections
  • Make sure that the blades aren’t blocked by anything
  • See that the switch is not in a neutral position
  • Check the connection to the housing switch
  • Check the wall switch
  • Check the breaker to wall control
  • Check the box is rated for environment

If the ceiling fan is wobbling, then try doing the following things:

  • Clean the fan and fan blades of dirt and dust
  • Check if the fan hanger ball is tightly attached
  • Check if the outlet box is attached properly
  • Tighten the screws
  • Check whether the outlet box is fan-rated

If the ceiling fan is noisy, then try doing the following:

  • Wait 24 hours after the fan installation
  • Tighten the screws
  • Check the level of oil and add more if necessary
  • Check the wire connections
  • Check the canopy and make sure it is not touching the ceiling
  • Check if the blades are cracked

If you are expercinging problems with the fan speeds, and if they are not working:

  • Try cleaning the ball bears and lubricating them
  • Replace the capacitor for the ceiling fan
  • Turn on the ceiling fan for a couple of minutes
  • Turn it off
  • Check whether the motor is making unnecessary heat

If the fan is not reversing then the following things might be the problem:

  • Check the reverse switch and make sure it is not in a neutral position. Try flipping the switches few times to get them in the right place.
  • If your ceiling fan is older, then the switch might be worn off so you will need to replace it.
  • Check the dipswitches on the remote and on the receiver, since they have to be on the same frequency.
  • If your ceiling fan is new then try contacting the manufacturer to get a replacement fan.

If your ceiling fan has problems with the airflow, then try doing the following:

  • Check if the fan is spinning in the right direction
  • Make sure the fan is suspended further away from the ceiling
  • Use a longer down rod that has at least 8 or 9 feet from the floor
  • If your fan is older, then it might need new bearings and motor

Hunter ceiling fans lights not working

Blinking or “flashing” light – Situations are often faced by residents of residential buildings. Disruption of the illumination of electric light, may disable devices, and be the cause of their failure or short circuit.

If the light flashes, it is necessary to determine the cause, remove it, or take appropriate precautions.

If during the start-up or initial heating of the flash of the lamp in the fan it is quite possible that there is a problem in the product, switching or wiring.

With Hunter ceiling fan light wiring diagram attention should be paid to the sounds when the switch is pressed: the noise level, the squeak and should not be a spark, the light bulb must not drain unpleasant smells.

  • Remove the bulb and temporarily replace it with the new, light up;
  • Remove the bulb and press several times the on/off switch to test its efficiency.
  • When you notice the “symptoms” you need to see the specialist – most likely the case in wiring or faulty bulb fixing.

When the flashing light in the light bulbs is straightened to the socket, you need to connect it to the other socket in case it eliminates the problem replacing the faulty outlet. But if the replacement does not work, the lamp needs to be repaired.

Caution! Immediately call for emergency relief. It did not disconnect electricity, it is forbidden to touch affected persons. It should, if it is possible to stop the influence of the current: switch off the switch, switch, pull the bulb / lamp out of the socket.

Even after a short contact with the electric current, it is necessary to call the doctor before they arrive to provide the victim with a hot drink and pain medication. Do not apply to burns, dusts and sprays.

Sometimes there are sharp oscillations in the voltage in apartment turn off the appliances. This can be due to regular maintenance or in the building staircase, repair (welding) works in one of the apartments.

Before you ask for a cause in your own apartment, make sure that: The house is not under renovation (you have to go out on the break); Make sure your center is closed.

Hunter ceiling fans remote not working – remote control troubleshooting

If you noticed that your ceiling fan remote control is not working, then you must find the cause for this malfunction. First turn on the witch position to turn on the fan on the main service panel, if the remote control is not working.

Then, pull the chain on the fan to the strongest speed and turn the light on the fan if he doesn’t want to get turned on with remote.

Check the battery apartment on the remote controller and remove the canopy that is placed on the side of the ceiling. Check the dip switches on your remote controller and on the ceiling fan receiver have the same setting. Fan is not going to work I these switches are not identical.

Try replacing the batteries in the remote control, because the problem might just be that the batteries have worn out. Check the antenna from the remote controllers and make sure that this antenna is extended into the canopy.

It shouldn’t be blocked by anything. Turn the switch on the wall for five seconds and then try turning it back on to change the settings on the dip on the remote control receiver.

This should be enough for the remote controller to work. If this doesn’t work out try contacting Hunter customer service and ask for help.

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Hunter Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting
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Hunter Ceiling Fans Troubleshooting
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