How do you think it feels like controlling the weather at your home from your office desk? To go home and find the climate just on point? Feels like the wildest dream, huh?  Well, if you answered yes, then you probably need to automate your home. With the current trend, a smart home is not an option. 

However, it’s all meaningless to have all the smart devices then lack a properly working smart Z-wave thermostat in it. A thermostat is what completes your smart home. If you are upgrading to a smart home, you’ll find yourself looking for one.   

The problem is that the market is now flooded with so many thermostats. Singling out the right one can be tricky. Some of them are fake. Others are not Z-wave enabled and might not meet your expectations at the end. If you’re stuck, wondering how to choose the best thermostat, don’t worry, you are in the right place.  We have r

eviewed for you the best seven Z-wave thermostats in the market. We will also tell you what a thermostat is and what it’s used for. Also included are the factors to consider when buying a thermostat. But first, let’s look at the best seven Z-wave thermostats.  

These are our top three picks

BEST OVERALL: Our undisputed champion is the Smart thermostat. Loaded with great features, such as compatibility with the security system, the Z-wave plus thermostat deserves to sit right at the top.

BEST FOR HIGH VOLTAGE SYSTEMS: Stelpro KI STZW402WB+ Z-wave plus thermostat. This smart thermostat can provide 4000 Watts of power on its own.

BEST BUDGET: 2 gig CT-100 Z-wave thermostat. Though it comes with a low price tag, the thermostat is unquestionably capable.  

Best Z-wave Thermostats Review Smart thermostat Smart Thermostat Talking of sleek modern designs, this smart thermostat carries the day. It is all sleek and stylish, marching in rhythm with the recent thermostat trend. 

On top of the beauty and style, the Z-wave plus thermostat is easy to control. With only three buttons and a simple dotted display, setting parameters is easy like pie. Another impressive thing is that it runs on the latest Z-wave plus version. You will enjoy some extended features such as increased battery life and receiving firmware updates.

The device will also offer you many more features if you connect it with your account. This includes scheduling and more optimized battery usage, which will only happen when you log in to your account.

That is not all, for more accurate temperature control and energy savings, you can pair the smart thermostat with the temperature sensor. This will make the Z-wave thermostat more sensitive and smart. That way, the climate in your room will be adjusted to the optimum level.  

Other features

  • Compatible with many HVAC systems
  • Compatible with Alexa voice control
  • Works with the smartphone application
  • Runs on either battery or c wire

User critic

Drawing conclusions from what the users say, the is a reliable thermostat. One says that he can’t mention enough good things about it. Another one mentions that she has been very impressed.


  • A sleek modern design
  • Extended battery life
  • More efficient with account
  • Easy operation
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Allows scheduling


  • Requires account to access the additional features.
  • Lacks touch screen capability

 Final Verdict 

If you love stylish things, then you can pick this one. The great features and the connectivity with the security system will take your comfort to the next level.

Stelpro KI STZW402WB+ Z-wave plus thermostat

  Stelpro Z-Wave Plus KI Most thermostats are not compatible with high voltage heating systems. Consequently, many people require numerous thermostats to control their high voltage systems. The most important thing to note is that the Stelpro KI STZW402WB+ can provide up to 4000 watts of power. This means that it can control your high voltage system on its own.  

Although the smart thermostat is powerful, it is energy efficient. With its efficient energy-saving features, it cuts down your electricity bills.

To save on money, this Z-wave line voltage thermostat utilizes four heating levels. Most models do it at one level, allowing the temperature to rise until it passes the set figure. They then await the temperature to drop, and that’s when they can begin heating again. The result is non-uniform room temperature.

Now that this smart thermostat heats in pulses, you are guaranteed an even steady temperature.

On the upside, the smartphone app is supported, letting you regulate things away from home. It is, however, not programmable. To do some customization, you will need to connect to Z-wave.

The biggest handicap is that it doesn’t function with fanned heaters. That is rather mediocre for a device this strong.  

User critic

The generally good reviews by users tell that this device is efficient. It is praised for how good it controls baseboard heaters. It also works well with Samsung Smartthings Z-wave network.  


  • Works well with high voltage systems
  • Energy conservative and guarantees steady temperature
  • Compatible with motion sensors
  • No need to buy batteries
  • Supports the latest Z-wave plus technology


  • Cannot control heaters with fans
  • It cannot be turned off. Instead, adjusts to the minimum temperature(47°F)
  • Installation can be hectic
  • It is not programmable

 Final Verdict 

Putting aside the few drawbacks, the Z-wave line voltage thermostat functions well. If you’re bored of the many thermostats you are using for your system, upgrade to this smart thermostat. It will cut down your energy costs and take your comfort to the next level.    

2 gig CT-100 Z-wave thermostat

2gig CT100 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat The 2 gig CT-100 is all simple and precise. No complaints since it’s sold at a pocket-friendly price. Actually, what it offers is, by far, bigger than the price.

One thing important to note is that the smart thermostat cannot stand alone. It also doesn’t allow wi-fi or ethernet connections. It does very little by itself, but all in all, it gets the job done.

Given that condition, you have to connect to Z-wave or the smartphone application. That way, you can program your thermostat. 

On the upside, the scheduling options are not so constrained. Every day of the week gets a different schedule. Also, you can create different schedules for weekdays and weekends.

Another good thing is that using the phone app, you can supersede a schedule. Be ready to schedule again though. The device fully deletes all over-ridden schedules.

The installation of the device is quite easy. Since it can also run on batteries, there is no need to turn off the main switch for wiring or spend money on an installation expert. The batteries can also last longer if you are not a heavy user.

The device features a digital LED touch screen that displays all the information you need to see. Considering that it doesn’t do many things, controlling the Z-wave thermostat is easy.  

User critic

Almost everybody who has bought this device is impressed. They refer to it as handy. One user says that this is the best thermostat he has ever owned.  


  • Very very affordable
  • You can install it all by yourself
  • Operating the thermostat is extremely easy
  • Works with all HVAC systems
  • Features a handy touch screen


  • The device is not self dependent  

 Final Verdict 

Simplicity doesn’t mean incapability. Though it can’t stand on its own, it can accomplish anything you are looking for in a thermostat. Using the smartphone app, you will be in full control of your home’s climate. Furthermore, you won’t have to dig so deep inside your pockets.    

GoControl thermostat

GoControl Z-Wave Battery-Powered Smart Thermostat I don’t know about you, but I like simple looking things. Well, simple but capable. The GoControl thermostat has a simple design, only featuring a small LCD screen, but certainly gets the job done. 

To begin with, the smart thermostat supports Z-wave technology, and on top of that, it is compatible with the Z-wave smartphone application. This accords you the power to control the weather at your home from anywhere!

The Z-wave thermostat is also easy to install. 

In case you are a fan of batteries, then this is a good match for you. It allows you to choose between batteries and c wire. Another good thing, the two AA batteries can run for a whole year!

To top it up, the GoControl thermostat works well on HVAC systems with 3 stage heating and 2 stage cooling. This will deliver comfort in your home.  

Other features

Compatible with Alexa for voice control.  

User critics

Most people who have purchased the smart thermostat are satisfied. They praise the device for its easy installation and straightforward operation.  


  • Easy installation and operation
  • Compatible with HVAC systems
  • Provides alerts when HVAC system needs maintenance
  • Quite affordable


  • It lacks the touch screen feature
  • Cannot be programmed

 Final Verdict 

If what you are looking for is a straightforward thermostat that can follow instructions, this one will not fail you. Even though it is not that classy, it is affordable and works perfectly.    

Honeywell TH6320ZW2003 T6 Pro Series Z-Wave smart Thermostat 

Honeywell TH6320ZW2003 T6 Pro Series Z-Wave There are some thermostats that look modern, then there are those that are absolutely classy. With a sleek classy design and an almost 7-inch touch screen display, the Honey well TH6320ZW2003 is on another level.

This stylish model also allows time-based 7-day (5-1-1 or 5-2) scheduling. This means more efficiency, more energy-saving, and less work on your end.

In addition to that, the Z-wave thermostat is compatible with the Honeywell Home application, with which you can monitor and control the temperature at your home from anywhere in the world. To seal the deal, the application has a one-touch dashboard that calls up heating and cooling control, water leak detection and displays other alerts. Installation is also simple like ABC. 

And not to forget, the device can control HVAC systems with up to 3 heat and 2 cooling and also 2 heat and 2 cooling pumps.   

Other features

  • Battery or c wire powered
  • Connects with any Z-Wave controller

User critic

Judging from some of the user comments, the device has issues with scheduling. One of the users lost the programming capability when he connected it to the Z-wave system. Others are, however, satisfied and strongly recommend the model.  


  • A sleek stylish design
  • Touch screen capability
  • Easy to read and control screen
  • Compatible with Z-wave and Z-wave plus
  • Features a keypad lockout
  • Easy to install


  • The wide touch screen makes the device delicate  

 Final Verdict 

With all modern-day thermostat features, this Honeywell Z-wave thermostat is definitely worth your consideration. If you are also seeking to upgrade, a touch screen should be the number one priority.    

Trane XL824 Programmable Comfort Control Wi-fi thermostat

Trane XL824 Nexia Control Just a mere look at the Trane XL824 will make you want to buy it. Though it is a bit costly, you will get the absolute value of each coin you spend. What you will notice first is the 4.3” full-colored smartphone-like screen. Actually it displays network, date, and time just like a smartphone. 

What leads to the high cost is the inbuilt Z-wave Nexia Home intelligence Bridge, which is an excellent addition. It allows you to connect up to 200 z-wave devices even without a smart hub.

If you have been craving for full central control of your smart home, this smart thermostat will deliver that to you. Using the 19 wiring terminals, you can connect to fans, doors, home locks, lights, HVAC systems, humidifiers, and monitor or control them using the screen.

Another thing you will absolutely like is the flawless scheduling feature. It allows three different schedules -home, away, and sleep, therefore not limiting you. The schedules are very detailed that you can have six different settings each day, for up to seven days. On top of that, you can schedule from the thermostat itself, your smartphone, tablet or computer.  

Other features

  • Upgradable software
  • Wi-fi or ethernet connection
  • A 5-day weather forecast
  • Energy-star certified
  • You can program up to 4 times schedules a day

User critic

This device has been positively reviewed by many users. It’s been described as effective and user friendly.  


  • You don’t require a smart hub.
  • Many connection terminals
  • Very user friendly
  • Detailed scheduling
  • Can be operated using various devices


  • Expensive, especially if you already own a smart hub.
  • Runs only on electricity

 Final Verdict 

The Trane XL824 is not the kind of thermostat to turn a blind eye on. Whether you want to set up a smart home or are upgrading, this smart thermostat will perfectly do as you wish. The fact that it doesn’t limit you in any way makes it a hot pick.    

2 gig CT-30 radio Z-wave thermostat

2 GIG CT30 Radio Thermostat Z-wave If you’re looking to purchase a Z-wave thermostat that does not complicate things at all, here it is. The 2 gig CT-30 is small and simple with intuitive controls. It features a small digital screen, but that should not make you doubt its capability.  

Just like other thermostats, it can remotely regulate your heating and cooling system. If not connected to the Z-wave protocol, it can perfectly stand on its own.  Another thing we liked is that it can work as a wi-fi thermostat. 

Moreover, you can regulate the temperature at home from anywhere using the web service or your smartphone.

When it comes to installation, you don’t have to worry. It is straightforward. The smart thermostat is powered by 4 AA batteries, which can run for a whole year.  

User critic

The device works smoothly, but most people complained that its built in scheduling doesn’t work once connected to Z-wave. It also has problems with responding to commands from the network.  


  • Features a well-functional touch screen
  • Easy to operate
  • Installation is simple
  • Can run on batteries
  • Affordable


  • Looks bulky when viewed from the side
  • The inbuilt schedule function is faulty
  • Fails to respond to commands sometimes

 Final Verdict 

Though it has some drawbacks here and there, the 2-gig CT-30 works well. It is also affordable and easy to use. You can, therefore, consider giving it a shot.   

What is a Z-wave thermostat

A Z-wave thermostat is a thermostat that uses the Z-wave protocol to communicate with other smart devices. For that to happen, all the devices, including the thermostat, must be interconnected in a single wireless network. This is effected by a smart hub that works as the central link between the device.  

What is the Z-wave protocol?

The Z-wave protocol is a wireless method of connection used by smart devices. The connection entangles the devices enabling them to communicate.   

What is the function of a Z-wave thermostat?

The work of a thermostat is to sense the temperature of a heating or cooling system then adjust it to a set figure that is considered optimal. They can regulate the temperatures of water heaters, air conditioners, HVAC systems, and typically any other system that deals with heat. If your smart hub can connect to the internet, you can control smart devices remotely using your smartphone.  

Factors To Consider When Buying A Z-wave Thermostat

The market is currently flooded with many types and brands of thermostats. To choose the one that perfectly fits you, there are some factors you need to consider.  


The thermostat you buy should be compatible with the existing smart devices. Do your research well and go to the market knowing which thermostats integrate with which devices. The thermostat should also be compatible with your smart hub. Otherwise, the thermostat will not function.  

Power Source 

Thermostats are either powered by low voltage c wires or batteries. Battery-powered ones are easy to install. Wired thermostats may present a little challenge. If connecting the wires confuses you, find an installation expert.  

User Friendless

It’s important to buy a thermostat that is easy to operate. Check the number of buttons and keep in mind that the fewer buttons it has, the easier it is to operate. Some thermostats are touch screen enabled and are of course easier to use.  

Smartphone Application

Thermostats can nowadays be controlled by mobile apps. They will help you to remotely control your smart home. Don’t buy a thermostat that doesn’t have its app. Also, check the general look of the app. How user friendly is it? How many functions can you perform with it?  


They are set in different places to help the thermostat control the temperature of those zones. Other sensors like the motion sensor make the thermostat sense when you are walking home and adjust to your comfortable temperature.  


This feature is essential when it comes to saving energy. You must have a paired phone in your pocket. When you leave home, the thermostat senses and switches the smart devices into energy-saving mode. When you are walking, it will again sense and set the temperature at a comfortable point.  


You should buy a thermostat that constantly gives you alerts when the temperature reaches critical levels. This way, you will take action before something dangerous happens.  


Some thermostats are expensive literally for no reason. If the thermostat comes with a high price tag, confirm whether they are additional superior features. Otherwise, you will spend extra money for nothing. Better buy a cheap thermostat whose features are well known.  


A good company should give a fairly long warranty. A company that sells you a thermostat without any warranty clearly tells you that they also don’t trust their product.  

The Design

The make and design of thermostats change overtime. Recently, they have sleek well-rounded bodies. Of course, you don’t want a thermostat that looks old-fashioned. Choose the one that appeals to your eye.

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