Consult Department of Energy Resources, and you’ll agree with me on this:

All of us spend an awful lot of money on natural gas.

But you know that already, don’t you? In fact, that is the exact reason why you want to get the best tankless electric water heater.

You want to save money, and you know that the best tankless electric water heater will help you in achieving just that. And to get you a top rated, energy efficient, tankless electric water heater, this article comes into play.

As you already know, not all tankless electric water heaters are created equal: some consume more energy, others, less so. What you cannot do is experiment, for all the top rated tankless electric water heaters do not come cheap.

To save you from burning your money, we have prepared a list of the seven best tankless electric water heaters. The list is so diverse that no matter what your heating requirements are – or in which part of the world you live, at least one of the below mentioned tankless electric water heaters is going to meet all your requirements.

Have doubts about my claim? There’s only one way you can be sure:

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EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater


Judging by this electric tankless water heater reviews, it has won many hearts despite costing a fortune.

Still, no matter how good the reviews are, we’ll decide whether this product deserves your money or not only after checking its features.


Depending on the temperature in your area, the ECO 27 tankless electric water heater can churn out 3 – 6GPM of water.

If you live in the Northern US – where the temperature gets close to 37*F in winters, this heater will provide enough water to two showers at the same time.

For those living in slightly warmer conditions – where not much heating will be required, they can utilize hot water for multiple applications simultaneously.

While its water supply numbers are impressive, the ECO 27 isn’t particularly famous for them. What has made it a darling of its users is the patented Self Modulating technology.

As implied by its name, this technology allows the heater to adjust its inner temperature based on the hot water demands. Put simply, if the weather is cold and you are demanding too much hot water, the heater will consume more energy than normal to meet your demands.

Conversely, if the weather is a bit warm and your hot water demands have dropped, the heater will require less energy than normal to keep running. When combined, both these factors mean that, on the whole, this heater will consume less energy than your average electric tankless unit.

Finally, to take the energy savings to a whole new level, ECO Smart has provided this heater with copper and stainless steel parts. In addition to not rusting, both these parts require less energy to heat up. As a result, even a minor supply of electricity will result in searing hot water.


  • Has the patented Self Modulating technology
  • At max, provides 6GPM hot water
  • No venting required
  • Has a digital screen to set its temperature


  • Requires strong electric wires, you might have to upgrade your wiring

Final Verdict

When a best tankless electric water heater is giving you so much, it deserves to get an upgrade in wiring in return. Provided you do that, all your demands of hot water will be met, forever.

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Atmor AT-D18TP-AZ Thermopro

Atmor-AT-D18TP-AZ- Instant Tankless-Water-Heater

Since it is relatively new on the market, the Atmor AT –D18TP is one of the most inexpensive tankless electric units. Provided you like the below mentioned features, you will get a top notch heater in a below-average price.


Without sounding disrespectful, only a few of us value safety when choosing tankless heaters. Luckily, as suggested by its IP54 Certification, this heater values our safety more than most of us.

This certification suggests that you can install it near sinks and showers since the heater is splash proof.

That is, in addition to giving you the energy savings of a tankless unit, this heater – thanks to its proximity with the faucets, will also give you the freedom as provided by instantaneous heaters.

If you were wondering, worry not as safety isn’t the only high point of this heater, a fact underlined by its Smart Flow technology. This technology allows the heater to supply unlimited hot water without ever resulting in a temperature decrease.

Apart from providing limitless water flow, the Smart Flow technology will also result in energy savings. For, the heater will only turn ON the moment you turn the hot water faucet ON, only to turn off the heating mechanism once you turn off the tap. Hence, it won’t be consuming dollars while sitting idle.

Another feature of this heater worthy of your attention is the Self-Modulating technology. As the name might suggest, this technology regulates the energy required by the heater to heat water. Consequently, your energy bill will come down


  • Easy to Install
  • User Friendly, splash-proof certification
  • Saves energy thanks to its Smart Flow Technology
  • Has a digital panel to set temperature


  • Its maximum water output is only 3.7GPM

Final Verdict

If you live in a one bedroom apartment – where only one shower and one faucet require hot water simultaneously, this is still the best electric tankless water heater to meet your needs.

Marey ECO180 1 Tankless Electric Water Heater


If you want an inexpensive tankless electric water heater – but are ready to compromise on some of its features, the Marey ECO180 merits your attention.


One of the worst complaints I’ve ever heard about tankless water units is their outer sheet made of fabric. Not only does this reduce the timespan of the heater, but it also decreases its heating efficiency.

Thankfully, with Marey ECO180, you won’t find an inch of fabric in its construction.

Going one step ahead, one feature as highlighted by the reviews of this tankless electric water heater is its stainless steel water channel.

This design has two benefits: first, it results in minimum energy loss to the surroundings. Second, stainless steel is rust-free, hence ensuring the durability of this unit.

What’s more, since this tankless unit has nothing to hide, it shows you the same with its LCD temperature display.

Apart from telling you the exact temperature of the water at that instant, the display also shows whether the heater is consuming energy at that time or not. Hence, you are in a position to optimize your energy needs.

Despite all its plus points, this heater has two major shortcomings, as highlighted by the reviews it has received on the Internet.

Once, its customer service is next to bad, which means claiming your warranty – should it ever comes to this, would take some doing. Second, the energy requirements are very high, so you need to check with your local standards before installing it.


  • Durable uses stainless steel heating chamber
  • Has an LCD display of hot water temperature


  • Customer service is very poor
  • You might have to hire a plumber to install it

Final Verdict

Despite its low price tag, this heater has so many shortcomings that going for it doesn’t seem to be the best bet.

Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater


When it comes to the best tankless electric water heaters, the name of Rheem will always pop up. This despite the fact that the manufacturer is more famous its tankless gas heaters.

However, once you go through the features of RTE 13, you’d doubt my claim of Rheem being famous only for gas tankless heaters.


Sometimes, no matter how much energy efficient a unit is, the customer always suspect it of consuming energy, even when the heater isn’t supplying hot water.

To get you out of this confusion, Rheem has provided RTE 13 tankless electric water heater with two modes: active and standstill.

What’s more, to let you know which mode is active, both of them have LED lights perched above them. Hence, from now on, you’ll have no reason to suspect that your heater is consuming energy while sitting idle.

One thing which I didn’t like about this heater – and which most of its users simply ignore, is the temperature control settings.

Unlike other units mentioned in this review, there is no LCD screen to mention the temperature. Rather, all there is a temperature knob to set the temperature with the help of the accompanying gauge. Though it does n’t disturb its functionality, the lack of LCD screen has a bearing on the aesthetics of this heater.

Finally, while tankless units are already compact, RTE 13 is extra compact – as evinced by its 7.3lbs weight and 7.2*7.2*7.2’’ dimensions. Hence, if space is a luxury you cannot afford, this is a heater you need to have.


  • Compact, won’t take much space
  • Has a ten year heater exchange warranty
  • Easy to operate, both the modes as well as the temperature gauge is there at the front
  • Has a rugged copper/brass construction


  • Warranty will go invalid if the heater wasn’t installed by a licensed technician

Final Verdict

If you are a single person, has a low flow and cannot afford to free up much room for your heater, the RTE 13 is a must-have.

BOSCH Tronic 6000 C Electric Tankless Whole House Water Heater


Though marketed as a whole house water heater, its humble water flowrate – which stands at 2.4GPM, suggests that, at best, this heater would be adequate for a two-room apartment.


Why is it so pricey? It is the first question users ask after looking at both the price and the GPM of this heater. While Bosch could cite several reasons, I have been able to find only two.

First, and I don’t say that lightly, this heater is a MUST-HAVE if you live in an area where the ground water contains solid deposits.

For, unless it’s salt water, taking a bath with mineral-rich water is never recommended for your skin. And to save you from just that, the inlet filter screen of this heater comes into play.

Containing very small openings – which are big enough to let clean water pass, this screen won’t allow any minerals to go through the heater inlet.

This filtration has a two-fold advantage as in addition to saving you, chances of rust are also slim, which would otherwise have been caused by the deposits-rich water.

Moving on, two important parts of this heater play an important role in ensuring you get a consistent hot water supply.

The first of these two parts is the polymer case which, thanks to its heat retention abilities, won’t let heat to escape to the surroundings. Consequently, all the heat you’ll be adding to the heater will, in turn, be used to heat water.

The second part is the flow-sensor. The moment you demand hot water, this flow-sensor will come to life, making sure the heating rate complements the water demand. As a result, you’ll never go out of hot water.


  • Polymer case means you can install it virtually anywhere in your home
  • No temperature fluctuations
  • Has a built-in flow sensor to ensure consistent hot water supply
  • Comes with a 97% thermal efficiency


  • Expensive for the flowrate it is offering

Final Verdict

Though not the best in business when we compare flowrates, the BOSCH WH17 hasn’t had major shortcomings.

Ecosmart ECO 36 Electric Tankless Water Heater


Sometimes, a product comes with so many brilliant features that, if not for more than a moment, you forget about looking at its price tag.

The Eco Smart ECO 36 is THAT product. That said, being the costliest heater in this review, it is charging a very steep amount for the features.

Are the features on offer useful for you? Let’s find out.


Complementing its astronomical price tag, the Ecosmart ECO 36 provides an astronomical flow rate of 6GPM depending on the external temperature.

However, even if the external water temperature is close to freezing level, the 3GPM provided by this heater is more than enough for the weather.

Also, when a heater is churning out such huge bulks of water, you’re bound to be worried about the size. Luckily, since it weighs only 17lbs – and measures 17*19*, the huge water output doesn’t effect the overall size of the heater, meaning you can install it at the place of your liking.

Many users on checking the GPMs of this heater worry that it would match tank water heaters in energy consumption. What they don’t know is the fact that this heater operates on demand.

Yes, it works just like an instantaneous heater, meaning it won’t draw energy unless you demand hot water. And even when it will draw energy, the Self-Modulating technology will make sure that the energy savings remain intact.

Finally, when users spend so much money as demanded by this heater on a single product, they want full control and maximum guarantee that it won’t go rogue.

For the former, this heater allows one-degree temperature increments to allow you to set water temperature according to your requirements.

As for the latter, residential users have virtually nothing to lose with this heater since it comes with a mammoth life time warranty.


  • Offers Life time warranty to residential users
  • Works on demand
  • Has Self Modulating technology to save energy
  • Maximum water output of 6GPM


  • Most expensive tankless unit of this review

Final Verdict

If you can afford to spend over the odds – and want to be compensated with a consistent hot-water supply, the Ecosmart ECO 46 is a must-have.

Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater


If you cannot afford to pay over the odds for the best tankless electric water heater – and do not have high hot water requirements, the Ariston GL4S from Bosch might just suit you.


Of all the heaters mentioned in this review, none was as easy to use as the Ariston GL4S. In fact, thanks to its plug and start operation, you can install this heater anywhere.

What’s more, if you are looking for hot water only for bathing, you can connect it directly to your shower.

Conversely, you can connect it directly to the kitchen sink, a faucet, a dishwasher. The choices, as you might have guessed by now are numerous.

Apart from giving water on demand, one advantage which the direct connection will give you is saving plumbing costs. It means there is no need to hire a plumber to install the heater, since you can do it on your own.

Despite its low price tag, I was amazed to find that this heater has a max water output of 4GPM. Add it to the point-of-use system used by this heater, and this implies that it can provide hot water to one shower and faucet simultaneously.


  • Great Valu e For Money
  • Has a Plug & Use Design
  • Can connect directly to any faucet
  • Comes with a six-year exchange warranty


  • Doesn’t allow incremental temperature changes

Final Verdict

As stated at the start of this review, the Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater is great for a person who doesn’t have high hot water demands.


After asking fellow tankless heater users, reading electric tankless water heater reviews and taking heed from our own experience of using them, we have given you a list of the seven best tankless electric water heaters.

Provided you like any one or more of the products mentioned above – and decide to buy it, we’re looking forward to hearing your personal experience with that heater.

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