Getting a steady and on-demand flow of hot water is more of a need than a luxury. It would help in the showers, to do the dishes, cook, and do your laundry. While cold water does the job in most cases, a water heater makes showers and chores more manageable. So, investing in one makes a lot of sense.  Getting a water heater makes life much cozier, but the perplexing question remains. With different types, which one should you get to satisfy your water needs and save some money while you’re at it? Well, we can say with full confidence that tankless water heaters are better than their tank counterparts  Furthermore, you get an option of electric and gas tankless water heaters. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, some people don’t want to pay for their hot water in electricity bills. That’s why we’re going to Shanghai-based Vevor 18L Tankless Water Heater under the microscope.

Vevor 18L Tankless Water Heater Review – Pros and Cons

Everything comprises of both good and bad. Here are the positives and negatives of the Vevor 18L Tankless Water Heater.


  • A high gas burning efficiency 
  • Magnetic Sensors automatically save running costs
  • Easy to use
  • LED temperature display
  • Anti-scalding safety measures
  • Massive and instant output flow
  • Durable stainless steel body


  • Some users express their displeasure of Vevor’s customer support
  • It would have been convenient if it came with batteries

Vevor 18L Tankless Water Heater Review – Features

Here are the laudable features of the Vevor 18L tankless water heater. 

Decent and Instant Hot Water Output


The flow rate of hot water is one of the crucial characteristics of a water heater. While other bells and whistles add to the product, if the hot water output is subpar, then the water heater is a failed investment. While electric tankless water heaters fail in cold climates, their gas cousins remain untouched.  Gas tankless water heaters provide a good number of gallons per minute of hot water in all conditions. Talking specifically about the Vevor 18L Tankless water heater, it gets its name from the 18 liters per minute of hot water flow (equivalent to 4.75 gallons per minute in imperial units). The tankless water heater provides enough hot water for small to average-sized houses.

Reasonable Gas Burning Efficiency 

The Vevor tankless water heater utilizes Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) or propane as its fuel. Therefore, it requires you to put a rubber gas hose having a 20 mm diameter. For better efficiency, it is suitable to provide water pressure between 0.02 and 0.8 MPa.  While electric tankless water heaters are more than 98 percent energy-efficient, for a gas water heater, the Vevor tankless water heater does well. It also has a stainless-steel body that prevents rust and makes sure that the unit lasts long and saves money on maintenance.

User-friendly Operation and LED Temperature Display

A complicated water heater can be a deal-breaker for many. What’s the point of setting up a water heater when you can’t get it to the job, right? Well, this one keeps things as simple as possible to make sure that you get hot water the way you want it. On the front, you will find three knobs, and on their right will be an LED screen displaying the real-time water temperature.  One is the gas control knob, allowing you to control the amount of gas Vevor tankless water heater burns to heat the water. The other knob gives you the power to set the water pressure. And lastly, there’s a knob to set either summer or winter mode.  Pro tip: While the winter mode runs entirely, the summer mode burns one-fourth of the gas and saves you money. 

Automated Magnetic Water Sensor for Auto-shutdown

The magnetic sensors on the Vevor unit are incredible. They automatically sense when the water supply begins and cuts, and the sensors start and shut down the water heater accordingly. What happens with that is you save a considerable amount of gas and save money in the long run.  

Anti-scalding and anti-freezing protection function

The magnetic water sensors also come in handy in protecting the tankless water heater. If there is a supply of cold chilly water more than the capacity, it can damage the tankless water heater. However, that is not the case with this one. The Vevor 18L water heater drains the excessive water and prevents any harm.  Furthermore, the tankless water heater comes with anti-scalding protection, as well. Overheating can seriously damage the components and working of a heater. The water heater smartly shuts down for water supply over 160 degrees Fahrenheit and keeps the temperature under control. The company’s put a lot in protecting this one!

 Final Verdict 

Now, if you put everything together, the Vevor 18L tankless water heater has got the makings of a powerful water heater. You get on-demand hot water immediately, regardless of the outside temperature. On top of that, the tankless water heater is lightweight, and the sleek design will save you an ample amount of space.  The unit provides a massive 4.75 gallons per minute of hot water instantly, which is enough to function as a whole-house unit for average-sized homes. Moreover, the LED display and regulation knobs make setting the right temperature a lot easier. Also, the anti-freeze and overheat protection ensures that the water heater works the best and for long. However, the device lacks the bells and whistles of modern tankless water heaters. You don’t get advanced controls over this one. Nonetheless, if your only concern is hot water supply while keeping things simple, this tankless water heater might be the one for you.

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