vornado 783

Today, more and more people prefer buying fans for cooling the air in the rooms. This device has some indisputable advantages, which include:

  • Affordable price;
  • Compact;
  • Mobility;
  • Functionality;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Easy to handle. Let us look at the Vornado 783 fan and discuss it in details.

Vornado 783

The Vornado 783 will be a great solution to freshen your room, which will save from the heat, and the heat in summer.

This comfortable, practical and fairly compact device is able to provide you a comfortable indoor temperature, with a reliable motor with enough power for 3-speed operation.

This model is equipped with a 40-inch blade and a cross-shaped base, providing a fresh microclimate in the ventilated room. The Vornado 783 offers a height adjustment and rotation function, due to which the flow of ventilated air is evenly distributed around the perimeter of the room.

The presence of radiation shielding mesh will help to protect internal mechanism from ingress of foreign objects and protection against overheating ensures a long and safe life. The fan provides automatic horizontal oscillation of 360 °, 180 °, 135 °, 90 °, 60 ° and 30 °.

The Vornado 783 head can tilt up to 90 ° vertically, so the airflow can be directed up.

This is a great solution for those who do not like a direct blow. This mode is also recommended for use in the winter for lightening the cold air with the warm air that lingers near the ceiling. The 3 modes of air flow include the Normal, Natural and Sleep.

Normal allows you to manually select speed. Natural mode simulates a natural wind, increasing and decreasing the power of the air flow. The Sleep mode is very quiet during your sleep.


Its quiet operation and reliability ensure a high comfort of use. The Vornado 783 fan is designed for use indoors; it will be used in each apartment.

This device can reduce the perceived temperature in the room to a pleasant air flow, creating favorable conditions to stay indoors.

The product is most often used in the summer during heat waves – it is ideal to be used in all types of offices and restaurants where it will create a favorable atmosphere for implementation of the planned works. The Vornado 783 fan is supported in a black color, making it easily adaptable to the decor of your surroundings.

Additionally, the Vornado 783 manifests in the home, office, study room or in the studio in these hot days. The fan has a very high performance and ensures adequate air circulation and comfort in the room. It is indispensable equipment in the home or at work, bringing peace on hot days. Made of high quality steel, the fan is easy to handle.

The blades made of plastic, are a guarantee of safety (especially for children protection of metal mesh).

The Vornado 783 floor fan with a blade diameter of 43 cm and with adjustable height uses the functions of the fluctuations. Specially designed four-bladed metal rotor in the mesh provides efficient and quiet operation and high-security use.

The ability to adjust the rotation of the rotor 3 modes and the ability to adjust the vibrations of the heads do the fan operation adaptive to the individual needs of the user. The impact direction can be adjusted by changing the head angle manually.

Main Features

vornado 783

  • High air flow with adjustable speed;
  • The function of oscillation ensures that the fan rotates sideways;
  • Modern design, chrome color;
  • Adjust the height and angle of impact;
  • Strong foundation, the fan is very durable;
  • Safe for children thanks to the safety net of the propeller blades.

The Vordano 783 will perfectly suit your interior, so do not waste your time searching for a right fan. Choose Vornado 783 and you will get a perfect device for cooling the air.

All in all, the fan is designed for effective ventilation air and removal of moisture, dust mites or odors.

Ventilation, combined with moisture of the air improves and optimizes the cooling. Its quiet operation and reliability ensures a high comfort of use. The Vornado 783 fan designed for use indoors, so it can be used in each apartment. This device, which can reduce the perceived temperature in the room a pleasant air flow to efficiently cool you down, creates favorable conditions to stay indoors.

The product is most often used in the summer in hot weather and is perfect for all types of offices and restaurants, where it creates a favorable atmosphere for implementation of the planned works.


The above-mentioned information describes the Vornado 783 in every aspect. Actually, this is a perfect solution for cooling the air indoors.

Nowadays, not everyone can afford buying air conditioner, so fans are great alternatives. They are cheaper than air conditioners and may provide the cool air flow directly to the object.

What is more, the Vornado 783 has an attractive design which may suit to any interior. After buying the fan you will get a comfortable air and a stylish device as well.

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