When it comes to the best ceiling fan you cannot make a mistake as it helps circulating air in your house. You want air to be circulated evenly throughout the room and you get a pleasant experience.

On the other hand you want your ceiling fan to look stylish as well. Most ceiling fans from Emerson come with inbuilt K55 motor that has gained a lot of popularity and they are believed to be the most powerful motors used in ceiling fans.

It is important to know the factors based on which you should buy a ceiling fan as it is something that you cannot afford to replace often.It is something that you are going to use for years together. With a lot of ceiling fan models available in the market, make sure you focus on your requirements. It is always better to go through ratings and reviews to know about a brand.

Emerson ceiling fans provide excellent airflow and come in different styles and design. When it comes to reliability and high performance, they stand out of the crowd.

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Emerson Carrera Grande Eco CF788VNB With K55 Motor

Emerson-Carrera-Grande-Eco-CF788VNB-With-K55-MotorThis is a perfect Emerson ceiling fan with K55 motor that helps you save energy almost up to 40%. This model gives you the liberty to beautify your Emerson fan as you can choose the blades you like separately.

The fan allows you to change the speeds up to 6 levels and comes with wall control that helps you experience airflow as per your needs. Emerson Carrera Grande Eco fan are ideal fans for standard ceilings and you will get downrod of 4-1/2 inch with this fan.

You can also purchase sloped ceiling kit offered by Emerson so that you can fix the ceiling fan even at your sloped ceilings. It is a certified fan which is energy efficient and it offers you high level of relaxation due to its 7184 CFM energy efficiency.


• The fan comes with reversible switch that aids everyday use.
• LED wall control available with 6 speed levels
• Energy start certified
• Energy efficient
• Comes with a specified lifetime warranty on motor


• Blades are available separately to choose as per your choice.
• Remote control needs to be purchased separately

Emerson Midway Eco Modern Energy Star Ceiling Fan (CF955BS)


Emerson Midway Eco ceiling fans utilize 17.5 Watt energy. This is quite a low energy consumption fan as compared to many other ceiling fans. The fan comes with an excellent light illumination with lights of 13 Watt power GU24 fluorescent bulbs.

You can control the speed of Midway Eco from a place where you are seated and enjoy the circulation of air throughout the room. If you want you can opt for wall control and install it with your midway eco fan and do not go by the size as even the smallest of fans provide excellent air flow.

Emerson Midway fan comes with a power packed DC motor and the airflow you will get from this fan is 6206 CFM.

It is one of the efficient Emerson ceiling fans which offer high airflow. The model helps circulate amazing airflow and operates quietly and smoothly. So, if noise is a concern for you, you can try this model. The DC motor of this fan is 3 times powerful than any other motor found in ceiling fans.

Apart from its efficiency it is also elegant looking fan that adds to the beauty of your room and ceiling. Even on high speed the fan utilizes 33 watts electricity. It is easy customizable and will suit your interior design.


• Easy to switch between 6 speeds with the help of LED remote control.
• Less power consumption (17.5 Watts) and is energy star certified.
• Ceiling fan with lights that accompany fluorescent bulbs of 13-Watt.
• A number of furnishings and decors styles available which adds to the beautification of this fan


• The setting for dimming on light fixture is not great.

Emerson Pro Series Ceiling Fan (CF711ORS)

Emerson-Pro-Series-Ceiling-Fan-(CF711ORS)It is a low profile Emerson ceiling fans that can be installed indoors and comes with high airflow. Emerson Pro series is an ideal fan for indoors only and not recommended for installing it outdoors. It comes in an attractive look with oil coated bronze plus medium Oak /dark dual finish beautiful blades that add to the style and looks of this Emerson ceiling fan.

The Pro series makes dual mounting arrangement possible. The fan comes with two types of installation method one is standard and other is close to ceiling and includes a downrod of 4-4/2 inch. You get 5 blades that are reversible in pro series which supply warm air in your room. It means the fan can be used throughout the year.


• Comes with dual mounting
• The blades are attractive and come with dual finish element.
• The airflow efficiency is 5403 CFM
• SW46 – wall control available to switch between speeds.
• UL accredited for the performance
• Limited period lifetime warranty on motor


• Little noisy

Emerson Curva Sky Ceiling Fan (CF144WW)


It is one of the best Emerson ceiling fans that can be utilized outdoors as well as indoors. The Curva Sky ceiling fan comes with 3 water-proof blades and the fan can be easily installed as the blades are designed to stand against snow days or rainy days.

Curva Sky accompanies light fixture to offer high illumination and in case you don’t need the lights in this Emerson ceiling fan you can remove it. You can get both modern and low profile Emerson ceiling fans in Curva Sky fans. You can use the remote control to change the speed and it saves energy up to 40%.

You will certainly get high level of relaxation using Emerson Curva ceiling fan. The input power that Emerson Curva fan needs is quite low than many other ceiling fans. You can experience the cooling that comes with the airflow.

The motor has additional feature included for high rotating and it certainly contributes to the amazing performance of Emerson Curva. The model comprises of motor’s reverse function which gives warm air when rotating.

You get lifetime warranty on the motor plus 1 year warranty for the parts of your fan. In case you encounter any damage to the fan you can request for a free repair within the warranty period.


• Can be installed easily both outdoors and indoors
• Remote control available to help you change the speed up to 6 levels
• 3 water resistant fan blades which stands all weather conditions
• The light fixture is removable to offer high flexibility
• 50-Watt halogen bulb offer high level of illumination


• Reversible blades are not provided

Emerson CF765BQ4 Speed Wall Ceiling Fan (CF765BQ)

Emerson-CF765BQ4-Speed-Wall-Ceiling-Fan-(CF765BQ)The blades that come with Emerson CF765BQ4 offer high efficiency. You get 4 speed settings for you to increase/decrease the speed of this fan. You can also change the ceiling fan’s speed using wall control provided with the fan. It is also possible to install remote control to your Emerson CF765BQ4 to gain a better control over the operations.

Remember, it is not possible to install the light fixture with CF765BQ4 as this fan doesn’t come with light or light fixture like other Emerson ceiling fans. The model can be ideal for high ceilings as it is designed to suit high ceilings.

It consumes less power and is energy star certified. You will be able to experience excellent air circulation in your room as it comes with incredible airflow efficiency of 7530 CFM. You can say the model is a combination of quality and reliability. You do not have to think about quality when it comes to this model.


• Certified by energy star
• 4-speed- wall control to switch between speeds.
• Adjustable with remote control
• Excellent airflow – 7530 CFM
• Ideal for high ceilings


• Light fixture not available

Emerson Amhurst Ceiling Fan (CF880VS)


If you are concerned about elegance and want to add some elegance to the room then Emerson Amhurst Ceiling Fan would be the right choice. The light fixture comes in opal matte along with 2 candelabra bulbs of 60-watt. It also include blades that are reversible and water-resistant which comes with dual finish blades coated with walnut and riverwash finish.

The model is one of the low profile Emerson ceiling fans that offers excellent airflow in your room which gives you a wonderful experience in the room. The fan is ideal for indoors and not an ideal choice for installing it outdoors.

It comes with a downrod of 4-1/2 inch and you get a kit with this fan that includes all the instructions that enable connecting the fan to your ceiling. It is easy to increase/decrease the speed of your fan using 4 speed excellent wall control. The fan also comes with a specified lifetime warranty on motor.


• Easy to switch between the 4 speeds using wall control
• Candelabra bulbs with 60 Watt power offer perfect illumination in your room.
• Ideal ceiling fan to be installed indoors.
• Blades are weather resistant and provide incredible airflow efficiency.
• The model can be used throughout the year
• Lifetime warranty on the motor for a defined period


• Little noisy which should not be much of a concern

Emerson HUGGER Ceiling Fans (CF130ORB)


Emerson Hugger ceiling fans come with 3 curved blades to give you complete relaxation with perfect airflow.

The blades contribute to the elegant looks of this fan with oil coated finishing. The reason behind its high airflow efficiency is its 30 inch blade width and blade pitch is 18° that offers the amazing airflow efficiency of 2278.

The model can be installed both indoors and outdoors and considered as one of the perfect Emerson ceiling fans. It is completely adjustable to light fixture.

The SW46 wall control can also be installed separately and also remote control SR400 can be installed easily which is available separately.

There are 2 mounting arrangements available with this model. A downrod of 4.5 inch is available to connect your ceiling fan to the ceiling and it is inside your fan kit only. They are the best and affordable ceiling fans available in the range of Emerson.

Last Words

It is always better to determine your requirements before you choose the right ceiling fan for your room. Also make sure whether you want to use the fan indoors or outdoors. If you are looking out for elegance with performance there are a lot of them available in the market.

Make sure you spend some time doing research on the best ceiling fans, go through the review and ratings before you buy one. The reviews and ratings will give you a sense of confidence and trust about the brand or product.

Do not compromise on your requirements as there are so many models out in the market and surely there is one for you. Apart from the other tips, budget is also an important factor to be considered.

Make sure you do not end up buying an expensive ceiling fan for which you may regret later. Search for the best places where you can buy it from.

Online shopping indeed gives you best deals and a price difference. So a little bit of research will help and when it comes to illumination you need to think if you need it or not and if you are getting it within your budget with high performance, certainly you should go for it.

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