Vornado 733 Review

Vornado 733 Review

Summer is the hottest time. If you want to ensure coolness and comfort during hot
summer months, air conditioning cannot put, you can think about buying a fan. Today, there are a
lot various types of fan, namely floor, table, wall, and ceiling. Each of them performs a certain task
and circulates the air flow respectively. If you want to buy a reliable fan, you should decide what
type to choose. After considering all nuances of the purchase, you will be ready to buy a fan. Let us
thoroughly analyze the Vornado 733 fan which may be a great purchase for you.

Vornado 733

A floor fan with a diameter of 45 cm with adjustable angle of the purge is a great choice for purchase. Specially designed metal rotor in the mesh provides efficient and quiet operation, and high security use. The impact direction can be adjusted by changing the head angle manually.

  •  High air flow with adjustable speed;
  •  Modern design, the black color;
  •  Adjust angle, up/down;
  •  Stable base, the fan is very durable;
  •  Safe for children thanks to the safety net of the propeller blades.

This portable fan moves large volumes of air. It is designed for residential, commercial and
industrial applications. The main features are the ability to adjust the position of the fan, the
special shape of the impeller that allows moving large volumes of air in commercial and industrial
premises, the coating protects against corrosion. This outdoor fan has all the necessary for stable
operation with high performance. The power unit is 70 W, the diameter of the blades of 45 cm,
which ensures high efficiency and powerful air flow. With the fan it is easier to move the summer
heat indoors with no air conditioning; it is very mobile and can be installed in any place convenient
for you. Note the presence of three speed modes make it powerful. The protective mesh prevents
damage to the blades and increase the device safety, sturdy frame, ensuring its stability as well as
adjustment of the angle of inclination. The fan is made in modern stylish design.
The Vornado 733 is ideal as a supplement to the natural ventilation of the household, as well as in
offices. A pleasant rush of air reduces significant air temperature on warm summer days. Powerful
motor in combination with a large fan diameter 45cm allows the creation of a strong air flow, and
therefore effective mixing of air.

Vornado 733

The case is made of durable stainless steel that increases its strength. Additionally, installed anti-slip clips, which further reduces the vibration during operation. Fan control is performed by means of the panel located at the rear of the fan; you can install a 3-speed blower: slow, medium, fast. The advantage of the fan is tilted on, and therefore changes the angle at which the blown air flows.


Basic Features

  •  Adjustment of air flow: 3 steps;
  •  Fan diameter: 45 cm / 18”;
  •  Diameter power cable: 3 x 0.75 mm;
  •  Length of power cord: 1.8 m;
  •  Execution: Stainless steel;
  •  Noise level: 64 dB(A).

Vornado 733 vs Vornado 660

Vornado 733 ReviewVornado-660-Whole-Room-Air-Circulator-Fan-Review

Actually, these two fans seem similar, but there are three main differences between them,
namely the direction of the fan, the number of speeds, and the controls. The Vornado 660 does
not have a fixed direction along the axis, so you can point it anywhere. The Vornado 733 has a
fixed position on the axis. This means the less control over the location of the fan. Another
difference is the speed. The Vornado 733 has 3 speeds but the Vornado 660 has 4 speeds. It
means that the second fan has a slightly more control of the air amount which is circulated. The
last difference is the controls. Actually, the Vornado 733 is the older model which has a dial on the
back for controlling the speed. In contrast, the Vornado 660 is a modern model and it has a push

button for these purposes respectively. What is more, the Vornado 660 is a compact floor fan which attracts the attention with a stylish design in black color and excellent performance. The fan has a high quality performance instrument and the diameter of the blades is an impressive 45 cm. At a power of 130 watts it can operate in 4 speed modes, making it easy to choose the optimum one depending on the situation. Pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the angle of the fan, due to which you will be able to change the direction of air flow. Additionally, both Vornado 733 and Vornado 660 allow you to cool the room in summer season. They provide good conditions for relax or work in hot weather – the cool air from the rotating propeller brings relief from mental stress, and blissful relaxation. They are ideal not only for home but also for office. You can install them anywhere on the floor. So both fans are of great quality and are reliable as well. What is more, both fans are of almost similar price, so it is only your personal preference what fan to choose for your house. The analyzed characteristics of both fans, make it easy for you the choose the right fan.

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